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Account created 2.5 years ago but i did not start work in Fiverr till today

Hi, i am totally new in Fiverr & want to start work in Fiverr from now onward. But i was created my account in 2017. Is this will create bad effect to getting work? Pls advise me.

Zamir Uddin

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Greetings! I was actually in a similar situation as you. I created my account in 2018 but only started selling this year.

It shouldn’t have any influence on how your account actually functions on the platform. At the worst case, it may make an incredibly inquisitive prospective buyer wonder why you haven’t had any/so many reviews over such a period of time, but I find that to be a highly unlikely situation.

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My Fiverr account was almost a year old before I got my first job.

The stats created (as far as I can tell) are based on the actual activity on your account.

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