Account de-activated


Hi there!

I registered an account named jigidog, and ordered a design. A few days later i got an email:

" Hi jigidog,

Your order #FO62F7722BE3 was cancelled by Fiverr’s Customer Service team.

Your funds were returned to your Fiverr balance and will automatically be used for your next purchase.


The Fiverr Team "

When i tried to log in to my account, it tells me my account is not active! I sent an email to fiverr about this, but no response… what is going on???



Perhaps you account was temporarily locked for some reason? You obviously can use Fiverr connect to post here, so the account isn’t deleted or somesuch.

Best thing to do is contact Customer Support and ask them for clarification.

As an aside, that email only explains that an order was cancelled for you, likely because the buyer’s account was banned for some reason (use of stolen credit card, paypal issues, bad apple, etc.) which should have nothing to do with you.


Hi guys! Thank you so much for the quick reply!

My original account name was just jigidog, i had to create a new account to post here.

I sent customer support an email a while ago already and still no response :(.