Account deactivate with little money as a seller


I want to deactivate my account. I have 4 dollars in my account( under avaiable fund). I want to deactivate my account though the money has in my account. Please tell me the process. I can see the deactivate button is dimmed under setting option…


Contact customer support as soon as possible.


Maybe u did not read my question completely… please give another look at the question.


Withdraw your funds first, if you can.

If you can’t, and if you can’t deactivate your account on your own, the only way to do it is to ask Customer Support for help.


Hi catwriter,
thanks for your suggestion, yes, i do not have way to withdraw the fund as it is only 4$. so i have already ask customer support.



first windrow your balance… then you see deactivate button… Then deactivate your account…



go to settings>I’m leaving because(select an option)>Deactivate Account


But you have to find out lowest withdrew amount i think


Hi, I need deactivate my account i have 4$ I don’t take money