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Account Deactivate

I am a seller in Fiverr.

  1. If I deactivate my recent account then can I create a new account in my same device?
  2. In this case, is there any possibility of the account being disabled?

Don’t ever try. It is against Fiverr Terms of Service.

Yes, your account will be disabled permanently. And if you create another one that will be disabled too.

Could you share why are you going to deactivate your account?

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  1. A buyer sent me his whatsapp number and i connected with him.
  2. He canceled order. So my order completion 0.

That is against TOS and could get your account banned. In addition if you are banned it is against TOS to make a new account.

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But can i deactive right now, i mean before fiverr banned.
if yes, can i create a new account on recent devices;?

That’s your fault. Why did you contact the buyer out of this platform?
You shouldn’t accept the buyer’s offer to contact on whatsapp.

That doesn’t matter for now… Just be careful with upcoming orders and complete them on time.
Increase your delivery time if you can’t do work in less time.
Hopefully, you will be a great seller ahead!!! :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Only with permission from Customer Support.

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Please do not do this it’s against Fiverr TOS. Thanks!