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Account deactivated

My account has been deactivated just because fiverr was so slow in responding to my chargebacks . The vendor concerned account was intercepted by a third party without my knowledge . I informed fiverr CS of this . This is the result . This is crap


Did you have a buyer or seller account? If you are a buyer and file a chargeback, it is standard practice for Fiverr to deactivate accounts.

You would really need to more precisely elaborate on what happened here.


Hello, what’s a vendor concerned account? I’m not sure what you are saying.

Are you saying a seller account was taken over by someone else, you bought from them, then had to do chargebacks due to that? Chargebacks are handled automatically, without regard to the reasons. This sounds like an unusual case.


It is and still Fiverr has not done a thing about this . The account in question has been taken over without my knowledge by sophisticated scammers . Fiverr is yet to rectify matters

You are still being super vague.

Was it your account that got hacked? Or the seller you ordered from? How do you know it was hacked? Why did you want to get a chargeback?

Seriously no one will be able to help you including fiverr support if you are explaining things like this.


It was done without your knowledge… but now you do know about it? I’m a little confused. :confused:

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So am I as I get a message from my vendors account saying that the account was taken over by scammers. They gave their names to me . I informed fiverr of this and that the whole fiverr community is at risk. They were refusing to cancel orders saying I did not have enough proof. They had more than enough proof . I gave screenshots of what was said to me buy tvs scammers . Fiverr refuses to honour my chargeback. I was so frustrated at their tardiness in responding that I filed a dispute though PayPal .
I havre lost heaps but fiverr doesn’t care who they hurt and bust a gut to scam you . My account now is deactivated . Never again do I want to use this scam site

It was the vendors account that was hacked

The reason Fiverr banned your account is because you initiated a PayPal charge back. It sounds like you were the buyer and the sellers account got hacked or something - in the TOS when you sign up to be a buyer it does state if you initiate a charge back, that your account will be deactivated.

Sorry you had a bad experience. I don’t quite understand the whole story though - did you get the work you ordered? You didn’t really give a detailed explanation in your initial post, and if this is how you communicated with Fiverr, perhaps that is why they did not act quickly to refund you?



It was nice at least the scammers notified you they took over the seller’s account. I guess you sent screenshots of that message to customer support? It would have shown proof. Oh sorry I see now you did send screenshots of that. So strange, usually scammers don’t announce themselves that they are scammers to anyone but anyway at least you got a refund from Paypal.

I mean if they had hacked that account they would want the money in it to stay in it, not notifying customers they were scammers and not have customers getting refunds and taking the money out.

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I didn’t receive the work that I paid for . I explained in more detail to fiverr support than here . I supported what I told them with screen shots and links to the fb pages , pictures and the aliases . In other words I was quite detailed in my description. Does fiverr give a dam ? No as long as you comply with tos you are fine . I did what I did to protect myself. Well and truly disgusted .

I did not receive a refund from PayPal because I broke their stupid TOS . All I wanted was to protect myself . I received no refund

You broke who’s TOS? Fiverr or PayPal?

I think there is a lot more to this story that we are probably never going to be privy to.



I broke the TOS on fiverr . They refused chargebacks

So PayPal said no- go too? I would think if you could prove to PayPal that you did not receive what you paid for, you would get a refund. You would lose your account on Fiverr, but, hey, you would have your money at least. How much did this fiasco cost anyways?



Fiverr said you cant have a refund and then banned you? I thought you got a refund from Paypal. I’m trying to figure this out.

I don’t think that sounds too sophisticated, but you must mean fake names.

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Too much for my liking . Fiverr busted a gut to deny me a refund

of course you didn’t because paypal only opens a dispute first and if fiverr can prove that your seller delivered everuything as promised then most likely paypal wouldn’t return your money.

look, I’m sorry, but you are pretty bad at explaining things. so i’m not surprised if you are right but fiverr CS just couldn’t see it because of how you explain things.

Maybe you can show us a message with all the proof that you sent to CS? of course covering your sellers name