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i create a Gig corona virus infographics and fiverr restrict my account it’s not fair i create infographics gig please

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Fiverr has been removing gigs (and possibly accounts, too) that are trying to profit on the pandemic.

You’ll need to contact Customer Support, nobody on the forum can reactivate your account.


i can’t find any TOS if i have created a gig for infographics fiverr restrict my account

@ziwax95 Please read what catwriter said in reply to you.

Fiverr does not want gigs that try to profit in any way from the corona virus. Do you understand?

Your gig was attempting to profit from the virus:

not a profit like that i just get my fee to design infographics thats it


Yes you were trying to profit from the virus with that.

If someone wanted to hire you to make a poster that would be ok but that is an open attempt to profit from it.

The fact that you can’t understand the problem with it is part of why your account was restricted.


If your Gig has recently been denied, you will receive an email update explaining why. Unfortunately, once your Gig has been denied, it will not be restored. If you are still having issues understanding why, we advise that you review our Terms of Service for more information.

The above is from the Help Centre.

We are just buyers and sellers on the forum.

Suggest you contact Customer Support as already advised.

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You could have used your other infographics gig to design these, too, but you wanted additional exposure by specifically mentioning corona. Or you could have created a gig for health infographics, and never mention corona, but I guess you wouldn’t get additional exposure by doing that.

That is profiting from the situation.


ok but i can’t find TOS if fiverr have any problem with this gig he van disabled my gig but account restricted it’s not fair i don’t have idea about this corona name impact to my account if i know this i can’t do that but thanks for all help

Do you need the terms of service to tell you that you shouldn’t use a pandemic that already killed thousands of people for personal gain?


i just create this gig for people help i know thousand of people killed but i want to save millions of people thank you

I checked and see a few gigs that have stuck the word “corona” in the title.

Don’t do this anyone. Very bad.

I agree with the others. It appears Fiverr is cracking down on people trying to ca$h :money_with_wings: in on this pandemic. People are dying! Sellers are using these KEYWORDS to drive traffic to their gigs. Of course, your intention might be harmless. But in others eyes it’s taking advantage of an unfortunate situation.