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Account delete and start new one

Firstly I created this account for graphics designing; those days, I got a few sales with graphic designing.
After two months, I deleted my old gigs and add gigs for web development. Now I got no sales. Is it ok to delete this account and start with a new one?


i dont this thats a good idea


@artmass You do not need to delete your account. Older the account it is better. Do you have bad reviews in your account which may be the reason you are trying to delete the account?


No I don’t have any bad reviews only one positive review.

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I dont find any relationship being a new account generate more sales. It’s just the way deliver your message in the gig. Including the best tags, keywords in your description can generate more sales.

Everything you did was wrong. You should not have deleted GIGs unless you need room for more. Even if you had bad reviews, delete gigs will not change that. You should have just created additional gigs, and improve description and images of old ones.

Now it is too late, but still deleting account is another bad idea.


You have an excellent review on a current gig from just one week ago. This is valuable to you so do not create a new account.

Suggest you concentrate on what has already got you sales.

You are also able to offer different services in your account if you wish to do so.

Building a business takes time and you need to work at it.

Check this out: New Sellers .... Success Doesn't Come To Those Who Wait!

Best wishes for your success! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Please start a new topic where you elaborate on this scenario in greater detail since none of the users manage to achieve what you are claiming so in order to not give misinformation or fake sellers into deleting their account maybe more info needs to be provided.

You do realize that this is against the Fiverr rules, right? You can’t have more than one account, you are cheating and going against the rules.

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Not if he only has one account active, and the others are permanently deleted.

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If you have an account just with positive reviews, try deleting all your current gigs and create new ones. The only drawback is you can’t change the name.

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No i just deleted two of my accounts from Fiverr and now i have only one account.

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I do not need proof you have 11 sales just like me so it proves nothing. We need to go through the steps of time of the first account what happened erased, time of the second account what happened erased and now this today.

OK. So you dodge the bullet. Great luck.

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If you get a violation, you can’t cheat it and start a new account. That means you’re still in the wrong.

Why do you think that starting over will get you sales? That doesn’t make sense.

Figure out why you’re not getting sales and then fix that.

I’m certain extremely high competition is related.

I’m tired of sellers trying to find silly little tricks to compensate for the fundamental issues that prevent sales instead of learning how sales actually works.

Tricks don’t fix your business.

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Totally agree with you on the first part.
But I must say that tricks do fix businesses but it should be executed in good intention and correctly. Because in a highly competitive market everyone got their small tricks to overcome some difficulties. By this I do not mean cheating or TOS violations like having multiple accounts.


None of the tricks requested in the forum do that.

And no trick can overcome a fundamental problem in a business. If you’re selling something superfluous no trick cancels out the impact of that. No trick makes a superfluous business sustainable or scalable.

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Up to you. Tricks means not cheating. It’s something you learn by your experience to overcome difficulties in a business.

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You’re missing the point. None of these “tricks” actually do that at all.

Deleting a gig and creating a new one is not “something you learn by your experience to overcome difficulties in a business.”