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Account deletion

Hello, my main account got deleted for Property somthing. I had nothing to do with anything about that. I also had alot of credit on that account, I am so confused.

It sounds like your account was deleted because you were stealing someone else’s intellectual property. That’s a serious infraction, and very much illegal. You cannot use other people’s work to either sell as your own, or to help you sell your own work. The work other people do is legally protected, and not available for sellers to make a profit from.


I did not do that, Someone said there account got hacked, I responsd with Oh that must suck. I did not steal or do anything about that.

How do you know that you didn’t do that if you don’t even even know/understand the reason fiverr banned you?

What services you were providing?


Are you saying that a buyer accused you of hacking one of their accounts or something?


I was doing GFX for avatars in a game and asked thier Username, so I can veiw their profile and they asked, does that give you access to the account (it doesnt) and she said shes asked due to her sons account getting hacked.

GFX for avatars in a game.

A violation for stealing intellectual property has nothing to do with your claims of account hacking. If you are aware of what intellectual property is, then surely you would be aware of anyone trying to sell stolen property within your account. Please don’t blame your own activities on hackers. Fiverr is aware of the specific actions that violate their rules, and they clearly saw it being pursued – on your gig(s) – in your account. They don’t issue specific violations and delete accounts without good reasons.

YOU are responsible for the content on your gigs, and the legality of the work you deliver.