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Account Demoted to level 1


My account just got demoted to level 1 and they say it was due to inappropriate behaviour… And will recheck next month determine if they can give it back (on my analytics page)

I never ever, ever talk bad to my buyers, it has happened sometime that buyer got angry, started to threatening and abusing me but I never say something back, at max I report them to support. I fear that this level 1 will plunge my ranking and I won’t be able to recover after 1 month :frowning: Please someone help me. What to do? I’m clueless.

I already opened ticket


I’m not familiar with this problem but I’m sure if there are not any problems they will promote you back to level 2 soon.


I hope so Crystal.

The most “rude” that I got recently with a buyer was that he ordered on my WP gig, asking me to do custom work which I don’t, I said that I’ll try to do nonetheless and then after few hours, se says he doesn’t wanna waste his time and he wants refund and you know refunds causes bad impact on my account so I wrote to him on the refund request that he should’ve read the gig title as it said It clearly said its Wordpress gig, no rude words, no exclamation mark, no passive aggressive talk, nothing :frowning: This conversation is my best guess that I did something close to being inappropriate.


So you offered to try to do work which you don’t do, then refused to give him a refund when he asked for it. That’s the reason you were demoted. I am guessing but that is not professional behavior for a seller.

If he didn’t pay attention to the title and ordered the wrong thing that doesn’t give a seller the right to keep the buyer’s money.


Oh no I didn’t refused a refund, he asked me can I do it, I said sure, I’ll check it out and after few hours he came back to ask for refund.

The text that I wrote was on the Refund I sent him. No refund was denied, it was given as soon as it was asked for :confused:


What exactly was the text?


ohh, sad it happened to you… I am sure you will recover from this bad patch…
It is the first case I heard about demoting from level-2 to level-1…


Hello even i got demoted today from level 2 to level 1 And the reason they gave that i use my Custom Quick reply too much i am really nervous that nkw after being demoted will it affect my gig performance also do you got your level back?! And any other tips you wanna share with us :slight_smile:


I’m not sure why this would be a reason to demote someone.

Did you send spam out to anyone?


:smiley: :smiley: I am sorry, but I don’t believe that is true reason for demotion. :wink: They wouldn’t demote someone for using quick response :smiley:


I did actually reported one person because he was like selling his services to be and in the same message tried to ask for contacting outside fiver!

Now that “Quick Reply” Actually it contains tow messages like i have two custom quick reply one with a Gude link to add me in there facebook business so that i can be added as a advertiser and another with link to my fb profile so that they can add me in there business now i dont add them as a friend and neither contact them on fb as i find fiverr more convenient so maybe that’s the reason!

Now i have bssn demoted to level 1 and im really about sales and how can undo this demotion as they said 1 month but i wanna apologize to them which i did and want come back on level 2 asap!

Please if you guys can help and also feel free to asking anything :slight_smile:


you cant do that! you are giving people outside contact information and that is against the TOS.


Totally understood! But my gig is facebook marketing and yes i gave removed that quick reply now but i still need access to people fb business in order to work so for that i have done everything in requirement like whatever i need i hope that makes it better it was there before too now ill make sure i only ask permission after a person has ordered and filled in requirements :slight_smile:


I use quick reply(same message) always to welcome all of my clients in my inbox.I think it wasn’t the reason for demotion :slight_smile:


Main problem is that you using the word “facebook/fb” and also you using facebook profile link this is against fiverr TOS.


You are actually lucky they did not remove your gigs about facebook as they are doing to so many right now. Your gigs might not be allowed.



Yes i had a word with them and they said anything that requires personal info to be shared must be done on order page gig requirements so i took care of that and now everything is alright thank you so much for help everyone :slight_smile: i still have to wait for 1 month for getting my badge back again



Hello Yes i guess that’s the reason anyway i Deleted all of it and fiverr gave me a a good solution and an example of how i can do my work and ask for email invites in a professional manner without breaking TOS.

thank you so much for the help they will monitor me for 30 days and then will give me my badge back and i guess its ok as i have learnt lesson maybe because i made a mistake and now im learning from it and i thank yoj for replying and helping me :smiley:


Hi! for this did you again completing all the requirements for getting that level again or just they again give you level after 30 days ? :slight_smile:



No No i simply need to work like i normally do and they will review my account again after 30 days and if they think everything is all good then I’ll get my badge back :smiley: