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Can I have more than one account for same username?

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if only you would use the search button…


Why would you think this would help you in any way? You want to use the same username on two accounts? You can only have one account but you can open multiple gigs for different services you offer.


It’s possible that a seller has more than one skill they are good at, and they don’t want to mix the two skills in the same account, to be fair. So it’s not really as unreasonable a question as it might seem to be if someone is asking for that reason.

Still, they need to read the terms of service.

You can’t have more than one account.

But people are doing that from two different devices which work on different emails

So you think it’s ok as long as you do it from two different devices? No, you cannot have more than one account. Period.

You really need to read the terms of service and follow that!

Well, then you should also work on your English and reading skills. It’s clearly said in TOS that you can not have more than one account no matter if with a different email or not.

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I hope this person does not come back and start arguing about this as I think he will.

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How will fiverr detect it if I am running two accounts from different devices with different email addresses

I cannot believe this question. :crazy_face:

It is a valid question :rofl:

You are missing the whole point.
1.You don’t need more than one account to earn as much as you want or need.
2. It’s against the rules.
3. The way to success is to follow the rules.
4. The way to fail is to do what you are suggesting.

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But thinking about @noumankh33 He wants to have two accounts to show two different skills
Then what would you do now?

Either choose just his best skill, or have them both in the same account. Some sellers do that. I’ve seen successful accounts with several skills in them.

But this site really is all about specialization in one particular skill you are great at. You can earn over $100,000 a year this way.

It’s not smart to try to cheat with more than one account. It’s stupid.

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Good answer @misscrystal

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