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Account Disability

HI there, I just wanna ask if fiverr disables any account with pending revenues, would they really return to sellers or not after 45 to 90 days ??
My friend just violated the TOS of fiverr and get banned and she had 230$ in her account. she is really disappointed and in a great trouble. please reply positively. would she loose the money. ?

I believe that Fiverr does release money owed after 90 days to anyone who can prove ownership of the closed account in question. Really though, account closure comes down to the fact that you shouldn’t break the Fiverr TOS in the first place. In this case, all you can tell your friend to do is wait 45 days, gather whatever evidence they need to prove ownership of their account and move on.

and then how can she contact with Fiverr ? as her account is blocked and creating new is also against the TOS.

A blocked account is still able to access the Customer Support page and create tickets. The only time that is blocked is if the user has sent too many tickets to CS, acted abusively toward CS representatives or done something else like that. Fiverr absolutely does release funds after the waiting period IF the user proves their identity, and everything has been done honestly with a matching ID, matching Fiverr account, matching payment account, and the funds haven’t gone back to the buyers.

Thank you fonthuant… now i can give her a real hope…