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Account disable a

Greetings ,
My account has been disabled without any reason and warning
I,m trying to contact customer support but they are replying me my account has been blocked and they are not giving me any specific reason why I blocked
My Ticket number : Ticket #27*******
they are not giving me any reason and I,m unable to login on forum from my account this is my friend account !
please review my ticket and unblock my account !
thank you

Mod Note: For security reason Ticket number removed.

Nothing we can do to help I’m afraid - all you can do it to contact CS.


It’s a bad idea to use a friend’s account for this, you certainly don’t want to get a friend in trouble, right?
If you can’t log in with your own account, try direct mail.


This is not going to happen, because are, here on the forums, are NOT Customer Support. If you have an issue with your account, the only people that can provide the answers your seek, or resolve that issue are Customer Support.