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Account disable issues

My old account was suspend some reasons. After 2 months I deactive my old account. And after that I will create the new one. I complete with my new account 3 orders. After when I try to verify my account then the account was disable. After I create another new account and that account also disable same reason. I am using same laptop and same ID card to verify those account. can anybody help me to find the solution?

If your old account was suspended, you are not allowed to create a new account EVER.

So by creating a new account, obviously you are breaching the Fiverr TOS. It’s easy to see why they disabled your new account, because you shouldn’t have one in the first place.

What solution are you expecting from other sellers here? You broke the rules and got suspended. Then you broke the rules again by creating a new account, even if you are not allowed to do that. So… you can’t create a new account, they don’t allow it.

What you need to do is to move away from Fiverr. They will continue to ban every account you make. once you are suspended, you’re out FOREVER. It’s too late.


So you want to say that I can’t create a new account at fiverr ever?

Wot he sed ^

You burned a bridge. You then came back and nuked where the bridge was.
Now you want to be upset that you can’t have a bridge.

It is not up to us on the forum but I would say that it is unlikely that Fiverr will ever extend a bridge for you again. Maybe if you hadn’t been sneaky in making the second account… That simply proved to them that you were not a good seller to have around.

I note you didn’t say how/why your first account got closed. This, combined with your assumption that you could just blithely create a new account, or three, says that you are not willing to take responsibility for your actions. It also says that you think only about your wants short-term and not your needs long-term - let alone the needs of clients.

This is the thing I hope you really learn as otherwise you will have a difficult life as you bring calamity after calamity on yourself without being able to see how you are making the messes.


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You need to realize that if you want to stay on Fiverr for years to come, then you must act as a professional.

In your case it’s too late, because you burned the bridge and nuked it, as @benedictrm cleverly said. The main mistake you did here is that you clearly never read the rules. Every platform has its own rules. I don’t know what you did, but if they banned you, then it’s clearly something serious, either you got 3 warnings or you did something bad enough to warrant immediate suspension.

You can’t create a new account anymore, unfortunately. If you do, then they will continue to ban you over and over. It’s better if you just move on.

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