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Account disabled 4 times

Firstly fiverr send me this mail : This is your first warning. If you repeat this violation or continue to violate Fiverr’s TOS, your account will be suspended.

Then my account is blocked.


That means that you broke rules and didn’t listen to their warnings.


What is your service about?
And 4 times?? you create different fiverr account 4 times?

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my service is about online tutoring

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recently fiverr locked my 3 accounts consecutively about a month ago.But someone said me to change my Device and create a new account.

and now my 4th account is also blocked

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At first, Everyone should to learn about Fiverr TOS.

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so then?
i contact fiverr support since 15 days but they did not replied me

They only gave me 1st warning and then blocked after 5 minutes

Your accounts blocked because you didn’t read the rules and keep breaking rules by creating new accounts. If you are banned you are banned forever and any new accounts that you will create will be banned to


So how can i create new account.?Fiverr customer support is not giving me response

Looks like you didn’t even read what I wrote again or what’s written in the rules.

But I’ll copy my reply again:

Simply: you can NOT create any new accounts.


can i use new laptop, new internet connection and different profile.i mean everything would new so will it possiblw.?

I just told you that no, you can not and you keep asking asking me how you can keep breaking rules.
Fiverr has algorithms in place to detect it and please stop trying to game the system.


so in getting permission from fiverr which things should i get in notice in contacting them.?

because i contact them but they did not reply me

So you were banned for breaking rules and you kept breaking rules by creating a new account.
It also will be disabled sinner or later. And please stop encouraging people to break rules


And what that will change? They already wrote that in the email that their decision is final. They will not allow you to create new accounts or keep breaking rules.


Edit: You broke the Terms of Service and ignored Fiverr’s policies with your first account, meaning that any new accounts by you will be banned because you’re essentially committing fraud.

So long as you CONTINUOUSLY break Fiverr’s Terms of Service and policies, your any and ALL accounts will be frozen again and again, and again. You’ll never make it to a higher seller rank because you can’t keep a gig going long enough. If you haven’t learned from your mistakes after FOUR ATTEMPTS, which have resulted in FOUR BANS, then you’ll probably never make it as a freelancer on Fiverr, I’m sorry.


Excuse me I’m not encouraging the people to break the rules. I just encourage them to made a new one and don’t break the rules.

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