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Account Disabled and No Main reason or Follow up

I got notified that my account has been disabled and the reason was " recent location problems" with my account. It was closed for safety reasons.

There is no main point about what the location problem is. I didnt change my country flag or use VPN, I use my main country flag. Just a week ago I have had issues with unresponsive network or slow in my location that I cant even open a web page for over 3 hours and even within a day. I decided to join a wifi network and then change my network provider to get a way of replying messages and delivering orders. I am in a country where anybody cant boast of a stable network for a whole week without issues or even within a month. Your location at times will affect the network and your provider might not be available in a new location, in such situation you cant stay away from the world and the best option is to change your network provider.

Fiverr cs claimed they disabled the account because of security concerns on location issue. My country flag did not change, no VPN and no one tried to log into my account.
If any of you are in my shoes and in such a bad network situation going for over three days, you dont have a choice than to switch because the network issue is usually a general one.

Not a good customer service I must confess, not good at all and I believe if a seller gives a possible reason for what fiverr claimed to be the issue “location problem”, they ought to review if that is true or not.

No response from the fiverr team, all I get is that your account is disabled, I know its their platform but I wonder if actually it Robots or Humans that respond or take decisions. If it is a robot, honestly, this is not good enough.

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that’s amazing and shocking news!!

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This is why I am expecting a 50/50 chance of my Fiverr account being disabled when I move countries in October.

Also, maybe this is why we rarely hear from that digital nomad they sent traveling through Southeast Asia. Gets off the plane in Vietnam, then gets his or her account and Fiverr balance frozen on crossing the border to Cambodia. - Ends up weaving banana leaf basks in Siem Reap, wondering where it all went wrong.

I’m sorry this happened to you. Sadly, though, it’s just another long-standing Fiverr issue which never seems to get resolved.