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Account disabled because id verification

I provided my national card and my selfy and i receive each time that my account was not verified, I tried a lot of time and my account is disabled now, how can I enable it and verify my account correctely ?

We Couldn’t Verify Your ID On Fiverr

Sorry, we weren’t able to verify your identity after multiple attempts. Therefore, your account has been restricted. You are still able to complete your active orders but cannot place or receive new ones. Please note, you can only communicate with your buyers with whom you have an active order.


Contact CS and open a ticket on their support system, they will send you a new link for verification. Before you do the verification again, make sure you have the required documents, such as your permanent national identity card, that is, the plastic ID, if you use a paper ID it won’t work. Driver’s licence or passport also works fine.

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Maybe You Are Using One ID For Different Account Or You Do It 3 Times

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Yes I do it more than 3 time, and I use my ID card which no other account associate to it

Have you restored your account? I have the same situation and my account is blocked


Just contact CS and they will send you a new url for confirmation

support service not responding for a long time :(((
I do not know what to do

Reply to that same email.