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Account Disabled.Blind Review (Funny).(GRAPHIC DESIGNERS)


Hi fiverr sellers

i am graphic designer and from last 3 years i am working on fiverr.

Yesterday fiverr disabled my took me 3 years to build nice 5 star positive reviews profile on fiverr.i done totally 500+ logo orders on fiverr.None of the buyers never rated me even 4.All was 5 stars prositive reviews.Repeated buyers and tipped me over $60+ .i designed my portfolio by my own.

i had some bad experience and few scammers who just wanted money back.
But this situation is totally different.

But Few days ago a guy order $10 gig (my basic gig package).he only provided me few information but it was enough to design logo.his logo name was limelights.his business was about renting lights for events.

few hours of brain stroming what i can do in $ i was thinking about his work looking at the logo name two “ll” lights.then idea pop up.Rough ideas.Start checking out with some fonts.

so i designed a logo as two light bulbs check in attached picture

version 2
version 3 .this is my inspiration and my own idea.i worked as graphic designer.i did not even looked at the web or google any idea.i provided him 3 variations.To design this logo you can see two light bulbs look like 2 LL as lime lights.i checked free fonts directory and used these fonts “Belle Allure” check font link -

and check picture

two “ll” was pretty much look like a two lights bulbs so i thought let’s just show to him.As a graphic designer i always do my best and show every possible and minimal design to the buyer.If he don’t like just can ask for revisions.But always make first impression.

as you can see above in pictures i designed 3 variations.As he provided in his little information color green.I provided in 3 different green colors.

.i delivered it on time.i delivered these logos and explained to him why i designed this logo concepts and how it’s meaningful for your business.Fully explained.I waited for 3 days. But no response and after 5-6 days he come back and left his reviews.

i started thinking he definitely left 5 stars.because logo was we can not see reviews because we are blind. lol .i left my reviews as 5 star and full 5 star for buyer .and then his reviews pop up 1 star with Claiming that logo was copied from other company called lavalife.

so i quickly searched on web lavalife and it’s a dating app - .
i thought Ohhhhhhhh sometime logo matched.buyer can ask for revision.In $10 honestly who will check all logo databases and how it’s got matched i am surprised.i explained him he can ask for revisions. but he started talking crazy like said to me “i like to see you in jail”.i wanted to refund if possible.But he started talking crazy and i said ok and blocked him.everything was going very smooth i got more orders and 5 star reviews again no problem at.All happy customers.Then fiverr refunded and cancelled his order i open up my mobile fiverr app and unable to sign in.then opened my laptop they said account disabled .even after his 1 star review i requested to customer support and explained everything.this is just happened.i wish if they can think how i designed this logo.before this order i did not know about lavalife is a dating app.i think i have to start dating now and forget about fiverr.

Please, graphic designers , your welcome share your thoughts what to do now.
Is there any way to get my account back?

This is Honest story.

---------------- NEW UPDATE : well guysthanks for your support and understanding and standing with me.But nothing in our hands. i am editing it.because fiverr is not place for me.i started here with a hope.But it’s better for me to move on to another platform.Check when i tried to explained this is what they do.They don’t understand .they are not graphic designers So they have to remove graphic design section in fiverr.




What a story.
I really feel sad for you, how unlucky are you to have thought of a logo that happens to be already thought of. and just how did the buyer find out about lavalife? what are the chances that they are using this website (lavalife) and you designed a logo that is similar to it.
The thing I am curious about is, what was the reason for disabling your account? was it for ‘stealing’ copyrighted content?

Good luck


Thanks for quick support.Yes right copyright i think.Honestly i am not big fan of dating apps.i did not know if this existed.well they don’t care about how hard is to get 400+ 5 star reviews working day and night and they never let me explained.i think it’s canada based dating apps.well i am in india.i don’t know he findout about lavalife (lava in my life i think ) .But i am agree with graphic design case it’s happens alot.but you can see buyer never responded and talked even once.



That’s horrible how easy we can loose our accounts.
Did you check your email to see for the reason of disabling your account? Did you contact Fiverr Support for clarification?


My only advice for you know, if you continue doing what you do, never send only one design, send 2 or 3, let them choose.
Now I know that it is a $10 gig, but I don’t know much about logo gigs and what is the proper price for it.


Thanks mariashtelle thanks for your support.Yes it’s copyright.but i am human not robot why fiverr don’t think.Do you think we sellers really can do full research in $10 on the web and get access to expensive databases to see whether if logo is matched or not ? .I was very careful with my work on fiverr.Things like this happens lot of times.Buyer never done any discussion.He was acting really crazy.I can say it’s my bad luck.Fiverr customer support have to think a little and ask seller and communicate with us. Before taking down our account.i sent few emails to CS let’s see.



yes it’s was $10 gig.Only 2 concepts and simple design no complex designs.I never had this issue.Because he provided me limited information to work with but it was enough for me to start working on it.But i provide lot of revisions to make sure buyer gets what they are looking for.But after 3 days order completed by fiverr.He responded after 5-6 days later and start throwing his comments and bad words on me.i just had to blocked him.i sent an email to fiverr let’s see…


I really hope you get your account back if you actually designed that logo.

Good luck.


yes i hope. As i explained how i designed it.Everyone think differently.As i am graphic designer.i look at the buyer business.And logo name and try to incorporate and make it meaningful.Yes there are some rounds to get the final results.But buyer never discussed anything with me.He choose to claimed a copyright content policy.And fiverr is really funny these days.I faced few people tried to hacked me , some scammers but .My account and profile was soo great.i designed each portfolio work to show my buyers.gig was ranking on first page.I earned a lot with fiverr.Nothing in my hands now.



I do. Before submitting any work, you can do this:

  • Do a Google image search (search by image) of your logo
  • Do a Google image search of your concept (in your case: light bulb)
  • Check the domains that are similar to the one given, to see if they use a similar logo. It happens.
  • Check the websites of similar businesses, for the same reason.

How do I know: I’ve designed a couple of logos in real life.


Thanks for your support.Yes it’s great idea.I done reverse image search with google and other advanced reseracher .it’s not so need to access premium copyright agencies or databases.As you can see that logo i designed is lighting business and that matched logo is dating niche.Two different niches.well it’s matched somehow.But i honestly never copy any other logo.i like to design my self from rough ideas to make the final original logo.


That is really your bad luck.Otherwise you have made a logo with your creativity and that matched with another company logo .I am also curious that how the buyer find out lavalife logo . May be he uploaded that logo and searched it on google image .
And I think fiverr fiverr has disabled your account for selling copyrighted content .

It was really funny …

You can explain to Fiverr CS about the whole things happened .Hope you will get back that account .

Best Of Luck


Thanks.I don’t know how he did findout.he was from canada.i think that dating site he already was badluck.i done many many logos.if i have a chance to show you there was full of 5 star ratings and that was really good time.

yes let’s date someone on L A VA LIFE. LOL. it’s a life.well account was really big deal for me.i spend lot of times desiging logo.repeat customer , long term relationship with customers.some buyer will find me on sky pe.i will start with other website like upwork more real and get paid hourly.

Thanks buddy.


I really hope you will get your account back.

But I also believe in karma. It’s really annoying to see those cheepsakes that ready to fight and “see people in jail” over 10$. I’m sure someone else will do the same to them, they are in the right path for that :wink:


thanks maria.we had little conversations.he said “i hope you see in jail” and also he said “lava life will start lawsuit against you soon” i said the same thing you said.Really for lawsuit for $10.and then i blocked him.


Something I learned from my journalism classes (Especially the design ones) is that your brain takes in everything it sees and experiences even if it’s done quickly. I’m not saying this happened to you in this exact fashion, but you could have seen it somewhere before and had it stored into the subconscious - it could have been a fleeting look - a millisecond even - and that’s it.

Doesn’t help you now but you’ll always double check yourself to ensure your ideas are your own. Lesson learned unfortunately.


Thanks for your support.ha ha subconscious mind is my enemy then.i am also really big fan of psychology.i read articles and watch videos when i have little time.i think every graphic designer know the psychological part in designing.It’s helps a lot to build some idea and brainstorming part of design process that the most designer work before getting into digital drawing step.

well not in $10 too much low.

well as i explained how i designed this logo.i don’t think that i’ve seen that lavalife or anything like that before.i am not big fan of dating online and never had a chance to look at dating apps.
as we can see budget was $10 who will do all the research.buyer never done any discussion.he was able to cancel and have a right to ask revisions before 3 days.And i contacted to customer support after this happened.i explained to them.i always make sure that my concept is original.well it’s just happened but fiverr doing really hard on sellers.First removing the seller feedback request section so no longer custom request or pleasing to buyer and bling review it’s funny.he left 1 star i left 5 star. :stuck_out_tongue: .

let’s see when i receive any response from CS.


we almost everyday here on forum read seller tragic stories like yours.
its really tragic. What I will suggest is that now your account is disables, you have skills and enough experience, and you probably have established your portfolio, you should switch to another platform.


hahhaha, oh man yeah, you should :smile:


Thanks for your support.fiverr support more buyers then the sellers.Fiverr pulling out commission 20% .oh and from tip also.

Yes great idea.I think build your own site do seo for 6 months and a 1 year i will start getting sales.and real platform and real people like upw ork.