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Account Disabled, Case Timeline Expectations?

My account got disabled on Fiverr for sharing my Instagram with a client who was asking for it. As much as I have reached out to Fiverr expressing my confusion on the TOS, I have gotten pretty vague responses. First of all, to clarify, I misunderstood the rule on no networking to you can’t share social links with the intent to sell. I had no intention of selling my services to this person outside of Fiverr. I feel like the customer support team hasn’t been listening to my inquiries to them about how I misunderstood this rule, as, first of all, it’s a rule that is unusual on a pretty social platform where work that is being done like this should usually encourage networking and relationship building with clients, but of course it’s always about the money. Nevertheless, Fiverr customer support has told me they have no obligation to give me a timeline, which is frankly very unprofessional and inefficient. It is an extremely hurtful lack of communication on them, especially considering that this is full-time work for some people, including me. I have no idea if I should start moving onto a different platform full time, which takes commitment, and usually, cases like these should be given more attention/information if they want to take all the time in the world on this. I am just very frustrated with Fiverr right now and loved working on here. I had no intention on selling maliciously and built really good relationships with my clients who I cannot even inform what happened because I cannot communicate at all. My overall experience has been vague, misunderstood, and really in the dark right now, and I don’t know when my case will be resolved/concluded.


Fiverr is quite strict with not sharing your any external links.

E.g if your client sends you his insta details so you could put them on business cards- that is using external links for work.

And you sharing your Instagram account with your client is an intent and opportunity for you to keep in touch and take the business outside of fiverr. That’s not allowed.

To be honest with you, with this violations accounts were usually just blocked after 3 weeks or months of wait. Of course there are always exceptions but I can’t recall any with this violation


While you may think it’s unusual, it’s against the terms of service. There is no reason to communicate with anyone outside of fiverr. We have a good messaging system right here.

Do you understand the rule now?


@bazeroni yes perfect I really appreciate with you

So I’m most likely going to be banned?

I understand the rule now, yes. That is not the only reason I am reaching out to them though regarding this issue. I explained the main reasons why abobe

They are very strict about that rule in particular. They probably don’t want a back and forth argument from anyone. Once someone violates that rule there isn’t much more to discuss.

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