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Account disabled for no reason?


I have had my account disabled for a supposed “violation of terms” that no one can explain. I’ve tried dealing with customer support via email and told them I’m a buyer and all I’ve done is buy 6 or 7 gigs. My account would not let me order anything else because it was restricted.

After it was restricted, I created another account so I could order a gig. This was after I had contacted support after the first problem. I told this to CS, and now I’m told I can’t have two accounts so my first account is suspended.


Really, you guys need to be a little more helpful, especially when all I’ve done is buy some gigs. I haven’t sold anything, I haven’t done anything other than order and pay and provide feedback. It seems my business is not needed or wanted, so I’ve added that this account also be suspended. Might as well go 2 for 2.

I’d recommend a little more care in how you treat paying customers.


Have you asked for or supplied contact details? Have you done a PayPal chargeback?

The terms and conditions state that you can’t have more than one account so it is your fault for one to be suspended…


It seems to me that if an account is suspended, then there is likely a way to “unsuspend” it. Is it really so hard to inform their users why they take the actions that they do? They could at least inform the offender which of the terms they violated and save themselves all of the negativity that results.