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Account Disabled friend

hello fiver! -Its my friend’s account. He is using this account sibce last three years and now his account has been disabled but dIdn’t know the reason, he has contacted your customer support team but agent was misbehaving with him and threating him by saying that he will spamed his messages if he text him again.Now from his behalf am here to contact you guys why this happened to him, whats the reason? iyou guys first sent him a mail abiut warning then on the same time you guys disabled his account, he is too much worried as this was his only source of income. He has all the prrofs of his work, he is a professional graohics designer. so please help him and look forward on this issue.

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Based on the very limited information you have shared so far, it is very hard to pinpoint the exact reason for this. When your friend got banned, he should have received a message from Fiverr stating the reason for his ban right? What did it say?

I am sorry this happened to your friend, but I really don’t think Fiverr CS reps. threaten users with spam messages. Is it possible that you/your friend misunderstood what they were saying?

I don’t think anyone on the forum can help him out with this. Forum members are buyers and sellers just like your friend.

Fiverr’s customer support has the final say when it comes to things like this. I don’t think your friend has any other option. Sorry about that. :slightly_frowning_face:

Support agents may or may not always be perfect, but they don’t “misbehave” with people who contact them. If your friend appeared to be spamming or did something else to cause his account to be disabled, it is something your friend will have to work out. It is not something you can help with and as hanshuber said, it is not something the forum can help with. You are welcome to respond on this thread with more details but all anyone here can do is guess. My guess, based on your post, is that you or your friend broke the rules and was banned.


In addition to what others have said, this is forum. Forum users are buyers and sellers, not Fiverr staff member(s) who banned your friend or mailed him. Nobody on the forum can give your friend his account back.

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yes you were right but i saw his messages and mails,he have screenshorts alao, his name is fredrico, iand he is misbehaving with him,His account has been nominated for TRS .He is a professional, and he didn’t desrve like this from fiver

Yes I thing there have some sorts of misunderstanding. As far as I know he should have received message with reason (Some time may not) from Fiverr.

They give me warning e ail then on the same time they disabled my account just saying tgat i have violated policies but they didn’t explain which policies

If it was you who received the warnings, account closure etc. rather than ‘your friend’ - perhaps it was because you had more than one account, as the one you’re posting from has been around since June 2018?

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thats not me sir, this is my friend’s text to me that i have pasted here.He has only one account sibghat_73; and we know there policy since a long year ago

Once your account has been disabled, its permanently disabled. I’m so sorry about your friend and I would advice that he creates a new account immediately probably with a similar Username.

I rarely even visit the forum these days.

Would a bot tell you that they were not a bot? :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to hang out on the forum a lot more in the past, so it might appear that I’m in many topics, depending on which ones you open. For example, you have now responded to my post from October 2018.


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