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Account disabled! Help me pls

Help me please! My account was temporarily blocked due to verification ID! Support has not responded to me for 10 days! What should I do?


Hi Volpetta, How are you? And what was the verification issue you had?

After 3 attempts to pass verification, my account was blocked! I added my passport and selfie

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Oh, I learnt a lot of people have been having this issue. Because of COVID 19 which disrupted activities, there has been delay in response time. However you can tweet at them on twitter @FiverrSupport . Prolly should be quicker


Thank you so much! I hope the problem will be solved soon and my account will be restored

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Contact Fiverr Support Team

they have not responded for 10 days

I am also facing that issue. while i submit my passport they block my fiverr account…

You have to wait more dear. No way to help you except fiverr customer support. Please keep patience and wait. I hope you will get a solutions from them. If they don’t reply you then you can submit once every day.

Please don’t submit every day. It will take ages to get a response.

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No worries. just wait for CS’s Reply and after they replied share your every issue.

did you manage to get your account back?

no i didn’t back my account

Why? is it locked forever? What was your answer in customer support?