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Account disabled. HELP!


I have been on fiver for 6 1/2 years and i have received a warning about delivering orders to stop the clock and i have not done it anymore. Woke up today and my account has been removed. Can anyone help?? My user name was eddycloyd this has to be a mistake


Ouch - sorry to hear that!

All you can do is contact CS and see what the problem is - good luck!


Yes i have been and i had around $400 in my account to cash out and now i dont have access to it. This was our only income this could of not happened at a worse time,


Contact Customer Support, I hope solved your problem


I have but have not heard back yet after their first reply


You are living in a country where you have established a office. You can go to that office and talk with the board of directors or the editorial board and will be able to solve the issue.
You’ve got justice because you’re connected to from the beginning.
You can go to the office and get rid of the issue
If you have not made a mistake
If there is an accident
Corrections will be made.


Easier said then done. I live almost 2k miles from their New York Office


Also i had a total of 4k waiting to be cashed out over the next few weeks.


can you explain it what do you mean by this please?


Only CS can really resolve this. You will have to chase them.


It is when you make a delivery to stop the countdown and then send a request to add more time to the order.


did you do like that " ??


This is not the way to do that.


And then …

First you mentioned you had $400 to be cashed out and a bit later you mentioned you had $4000 to be cashed out.
I am not implying anything. We all make errors and mistakes.


Because most buyers on here do not respond right away


And then you open a request for extended delivery time using the resolution center.

Afterwards you can contact Fiverr to see what they can do about the delivery time since it’s not your fault that the buyer fails to provide all information neccesary to proceed :slight_smile:



Two different things - the first amount is the balance, the second is what’s pending? :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes $400 was my cash out today but i have around 4k in the monthly balance that was still clearing


Thank you so much for clarifying - I really do hope you get it sorted.


Thank you for the clarification.