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Account disabled - how can I prove I was not guilty?

Hi guys,

I had a quite successful account up until today when I got an email from fiverr stating my account was disabled due to breaking the TOC, by using “other’s people work” to create my work.

The story is this: at some point I got a new order by an artist for a lyric video.
I did it, sent it, he wanted some modifications. And he sent me some pics (2) to use them in the video.
All my previous clients sending me their materials proved to be legit or their own. Somehow I presumed it’s the case here also. And this is my only guilt, actually, that I never asked for source.
Two months after delivery he got a copyright infringement notice, probably from youtube, regarding those pics. He did wrote me to re-export the video by replacing those pics, but due to huge amount of work and personal life I failed to do it. He then got mad and wrote to CS probably lying since he canceled his already delivered and payed order. He even awarded me 5 stars back then.

All other materials I am using in my videos are fully legit, having subscriptions with all the media I am using, also licenses for Abobe suite and all the plugins I am using.
I am a respected art designer in my community, having a nice career path in my life, working for MTV, McCann, 888, nothing but great names. Two college graduations, etc etc. So I can’t afford to take alternative paths, thus not asking that guy about those two pics was my Achilles tendon for me.

I have all necessary proof in case CS would want it, although the conversation with that guys in which he clearly states about those two pics he sent me is on my previous, now disabled, account.

Now the automatic email fiverr sent stated that is no necessary to contact CS. Oh, but it it is, since it was my only source of income. And I had some funds to be cleared for withdrawing which I have no idea if I will be able to.That guys is still on fiverr, but his other social media contacts seem to have been deleted or disabled. Before disabling my account. I created this new account only to be able to write to CS that’s all.

So, what do you guys think of this story? Would I will be able to recover my old account? Will the brave guys of fiverr support be decent enough and study this case and allow me to bring back my account and funds? I am very upset and demotivated, to be honest, since my only mistake was not to ask for the source and use blindly what I got.

Thank you,

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Anyone, any idea? Cheers.

None of us can answer this question, because ONLY Customer Support has the ability to disable or reactivate accounts. As much as you may not like this, your only answer will be what Fiverr tells you.

Again, none of us, here on the forum, can answer this for you.


Alright, thanks. All I wanted to know is maybe similar experiences and thought on if this has or not odds to be sorted to my satisfaction.

Hi guys, this is me from my restored account. Happy Halloween everyone.


Glad to hear that you got your account back


Were you able to carry all your reviews and everything else to this new account? If so, that’s great to hear. It comes to show Fiverr is not this heartless monster some people try to paint.

I may live to regret my words, but I believe if you’re truly not at fault and manage to tell your your story (backed up by prof), then good things can happen.

I hope that buyer is long gone!

Yes, thanks. All my reviews are back. Unfortunately, the two orders I had were cancelled by the system.
And my gig is still not visible. They said 24-48 hours…