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Account Disabled Issue


My account Right Now Disabled. Please anyone Let Me Know Is there a possibility of returning my account?
also my pending balanced i have returned?


If your account was disabled in error, there’s a good chance it’ll be reinstated. If it wasn’t disabled in error, if you violated the Terms of Service, it’s almost certainly gone for good.

Any funds in a disabled account can be withdrawn after 90 days, assuming there are no chargebacks or complaints filed against the seller.


Thank You So Much For Your Touch


Depends on what you have done, seems you had broken TOS


Check your e-mail. Usually Fiverr´s notifies why.


Well, Here are two things to know
1: Have you got mail by Fiverr?
If yes, there will be mentioned why your account got disabled
2: If you haven’t get any mail by Fiverr!
It might be a mistake and you’ll be back after contacting CS :slight_smile: