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Account Disabled No Reason



Recently, one of my friends fiverr account suddenly got disabled without any reason, before a day ago his gigs was deleted also for no reason… But after contacting Cs they reactivated the gigs. But suddenly today his account disabled with a reply that as per your request your account is disabled. Which means he disabled it him self. But really he didn’t is it a bug or any kind of other problem.


Probably better that your friend comes on the forum if he wishes to discuss it. Difficult to get the full story from a third party.


I think it’s wonderful that you want to fight your friend’s battle. :muscle:

But, your friend has a voice ask him to share his story here on the forum.

I believe he would still be able to login here. Unless, his forum account is gone with the wind, too.


He also can’t access the forum account


Nobody on the forum can help him get his account back as we are just buyers and sellers. Only Customer Support can help. The link is at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.


without any reason fiverr disabled your friend’s fiverr id i don’t think so. i think fiverr would not be benefited by doing this. miss communication probably or technical issue. fiverr Cs will notify your friend with appropriate reason or solve the issue. best of luck to your friend.


We’re going around in circles like a :carousel_horse: merry-go-round here.

See @lloydsolutions post.

I’m DONE with this thread.


yeah . you are right . tell him to contact with contact support . :slightly_smiling_face:


Customer Support Issue - Create a Ticket.