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Account Disabled Please help guys!

I have been working on fiverr for 7 years. Delivered more than 44,000 orders throughout this order.
I had received warning message since i marked order delivered, which i had done to stop the countdown as buyer requested to deliver service later. Tried to login and it says account Disabled. Can anyone help? I am extremely stressed since Fiverr has been my only source of income and with my earning i had been able to take care of my ailing younger brother ever since who is suffering from Leukemia. My username was Turnkeyz . Please help.


None of us can help you, I’m afraid.

So you delivered nothing to the buyer? Empty deliveries are against the ToS. Fiverr see’s it as gaming the system, don’t use the deliver button unless the project has been completed. If you needed more time, you could’ve used the resolution center to extend the delivery timeframe.


This. You should have known better since you have been on Fiverr for so long. That being said, try asking CS very politely and promising that you will not do such a thing again in the future, although I would say the chances of them reversing a ban are very slim.

If nothing works out then don’t waste your time and rejoin Fiverr after asking their permission. If you had gotten these many positive reviews and results, you can jolly well do it again. It won’t be easy being a new seller but its better than nothing. In time you should be able to come back.


Yes, i realized it later.
I worked day and night to ensure buyer requirements are met in the time frame given. I am very depressed currently, i am lost. Sent a lot of messages to support.


I’m sorry to hear about your younger brother and the stress this situation has caused.


You are considered to be a seasoned Fiverr Vet. Were you a TRS? You should know the Do’s & Don’ts! Perhaps, write a sincere apology note, maybe share a pic of your brother and own up to your mistake. Knowing the responsibility that you have on your plate, I’m surprised by your actions – now sadly you’re paying the price. I’m sure Fiverr appreciate it when people say “It was my fault, I should’ve known better and it will never happen again.” Along those lines, be genuine and ask for redemption.


No i wasn’t a TRS. Just a second level seller. I realized later i should not have done it. I had around $2k to cash out in my account. I have sent messages to CS apologizing for what i did, however they have stopped responding.

Is the case still opened or closed?

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I feel so bad for you! Ordinarily, if you were new, and had not had such success I wouldn’t have paid much attention to this. But you made a mistake.

Do not send more messages to customer support since they don’t like that and will not respond as you have seen. I know how upset you must be!

Wait a while, then send ONE carefully thought out, nice sincere short letter to them saying you made a terrible mistake and it won’t happen again.

They don’t tolerate empty deliveries at all on fiverr. I really hope they reinstate your account!


best of luck man, really good information to know

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i emailed them since i am not able to follow via support page. It should be open since the last message is mine and i am awaiting them to reply.

What i can suggest is open a new account and start your service again.

As far as i know Fiver will not enable the disabled accounts but they will release your money in 90 days.

@turnkeyz before you create another account your best bet would be to ask CS for their permission. If reactivating your old account is not possible.

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really not in a frame of mind to do anything else but to be in hope of getting my account back. :frowning_face:
I have worked too hard in these seven years. I had more than 23k reviews.

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Can understand your situation but i have personally discussed with some fiver users faced this situation and they have never got there account back and fiver informed that they will release the pending $'s after 90 days.

You hope to getting your account back and how many days you going to wait for this. Best idea is open a new account and promote your gigs and do sales. it will take time to come to the same level but you can do it.

Really upsetting reading your experience here. 7 Years, thousands of reviews. Ouch- sorry.

Does Fiverr not have any PR rep, or some kind of admin that comes around here to facilitate seller-management discussion? I understand this guy broke the TOS, but if it was a blank delivery that the buyer was totally aware of, I don’t understand the logic in coming down so hard on this guy.

This kind of involvement and moderation makes me feel like I could get demoted at any point, and I don’t even break any of the TOS. I’m sure a lot of sellers feel the same way. It’d be nice to have someone on the other side able to vouch for sellers in situations like this.

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While it does seem like Fiverr are cracking down on those who break the rules, it seems like it still takes someone to complain about something for them to do something about it. It is unlikely that the buyer was ok with the blank delivery in this case.
What I would also say is that Fiverr DO take the decision to ban people people seriously. It is not done on a whim. For this reason, I would urge you and everyone to ensure you know the rules and follow them. Staying involved on the forum is a good way to hear about any new rules or changes that come up too.
This post I wrote a while back might also be useful to anyone worried by the OP.


I appreciate the reply and information, I’m definitely put at ease knowing it takes a complaint to prompt an investigation or ban. I must have misread OP’s post, because I was under the impression his buyer was fine with things, but if he complained, that’s a different story. I know breaking the TOS is not a good move in any situation, but I was really saddened to see what seemed like a case of moderation for the sake of it.

As long as I’m safe keeping my clients satisfied with my work and order process, I’m happy.

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Buyer was completely aware about it. With buyer’s consent i marked it delivered. I had asked him if it would be fine since he wanted me to start the work after a couple of days.

I don’t want to get into an argument about it happened but I just can’t see how a buyer would agree to it and then report you to support for doing it.
Anyway, if you had the buyer agree to it, why didn’t you have them agree to an extension instead? That would have solved it in an allowed way.


Your backlinks gig alone had 15,000 reviews and you’ve been here since October 2011. How could you make an empty delivery and not know this would happen?
I do hope you get reinstated though.