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Account disabled - what do I do!?

So I’m posting this from my sellers account, but way back in the day (like 3 years ago at least) I had a separate account I used for purchases. When I tried to log back into it for the first time today, I was told it had been disabled. And I honestly can’t remember why. I don’t know if I disabled it myself or if Fiverr disabled it from inactivity or something. So I was like, whatever, I’ll just make a new one, but it won’t let me use that e-mail address… :expressionless: Annnnnd… it won’t let me contact customer support to correct the problem. What should I do?

It is against the Terms of Service to have multiple accounts for any reason, including having one for buying and one for selling. Having multiple accounts is a reason for Fiverr to disable accounts.


Oh, ok. So maybe they did it recently and just never let me know? Either way, still lame. Who wouldn’t want to keep their business and personal life separate. Like, excuse me, I’d like to expense some underwear out of my business account… lol

It’s really no telling when they disabled it. As far as the multiple accounts thing, it’a always been that way on Fiverr. I don’t really have any thoughts about it since it hasn’t been an issue for most users.

What did Customer Service say?

What did customer service say? I’m on the same situation, except we don’t have two accounts, my girlfriend lives with me and sometimes we switch computers. We wrote them yesterday, still no answer.