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Account Disabled with Uncompleted Order

Hi everyone,
Just some minutes ago, Fiverr disabled my account for the reason that I owned more than one account.
Today, I opened a ticket asking if I can link my Payoneer account that was already linked to my disabled account, the agent asked for the email or username of the disabled account. After providing what he required, a moment later I received an email that my current account was disabled due to a violation, which was a possession of more than one account. The agent stated that it’s not allowed to open a new account after an old one was disabled.

My question now is, will I get my commission from the just completed order? I delivered an order of $40 some 24 hours ago. And the buyer is yet to get back to me.

Thank you


Permanently Disabled - means the account was disabled and will not be restored. When this happens, the customer cannot log into the account at all, and the reason it was disabled was due to a serious violation of our Terms of Service.

Sellers with funds available for withdrawal will need to wait 90 days to withdraw, as described in our Terms. Once the 90 days are over, these sellers will receive an automatic email that will allow them 7 days to withdraw the funds.

Buyers can receive an immediate refund of any funds available on their Fiverr Balance.

The above is from the Help Centre.


Thanks for your answer.

I saw on another topic that you can plead with support to clear all your past records, and give you a chance of opening a new clean account. Please how true is that?

Hi There,

Sorry to hear it. Fiverr is not only disable a account, they disabled a person. That means all feature account will be your identity may suspend.

Since they disabled you for your account for multiple issues, i don’t know you really have another. If you only have only one, you can ask them and try to understand.

For your submitted order issue, if your buyer will accept it or not response within 3 days, it will be automatically complete and fund will be add to your balance. But if they ask for any modifications, it will be cancel automatically. And after 90 days, you will be able to withdraw all available funds.

I hope you understand. Thank you

  • Users with disabled accounts will not be able to sell or buy on Fiverr.

The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

If you still wish to freelance on an internet platform suggest you read and abide by the Terms of Service so that your account there will not be disabled also.


I understand, thanks for the information

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Why would they allow you to open a new account if your original account was disabled? Fiverr stops your account because you did something wrong. Why would they allow people to open a new account when you violated something with your original one? It doesn’t make sense. The idea is to stop people that violate the rules and not have them on the platform…