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Account disabled without warning

hello sellers and buyers.

my account just got disabled and i cant log in to send ticket to customer support, please tell me how to contact the support.

i dont event get any warnings and it was working good.
then i got an email while i was messaging with my buyers.

We reviewed your Gigs and determined that the services you’re offering harm to the integrity of our marketplace and violate our [Terms of Service] and our policies. As a result, your Fiverr account was disabled.

idk which gig is violating, i just have gig of seo,VA, do anything you want, and photoshop.

please tell me what to do, your reply would means a lot to me

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It was the “do anything you want” Gig, whose title is actually “I will do anything you want including nsfw”.

I have seen it and, yes, Fiverr is right when saying that the services you’re offering harm the integrity of their marketplace, and violate their TOS and their policies.

Here’s a screenshot of the packages you offered with that gig.


School, College assignments are strictly Not allowed on Fiverr. it can be a reason. for more info contact Fiverr Support Via Twitter

What might that premium package include? It sounds like you might want to open an Onlyfans account instead of a Fiverr account.


Lol. You have to admire the ballsy-ness of this.

How can I spice up my SEO service? I know! I’ll also throw in a some nsfw cam girl services - and homework help for the kids.


It’s always funny seeing topics like this.

Seller complains about being “wrongfully” suspended, they get called out, and then they go silent.

What do these people even expect to happen? They were suspended for a reason, nothing we suggest could possibly help.

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oh i see, the nsfw words could possibly harm?
and the reason of me making the tittle is because i following other seller with those nsfw and i think it might be interesting.

but i never sold any “abusive content”

i thought the nsfw is like falling in mud, or anything that could haarm my self
because as far aas i know nsfw is NOT SAFE FOR WORK

my bad

i never get the warnings like other sellers. that is why im shocked. i was messaging with my buyer and thenits happend. not even a single warning. and i didnt go silent, i just wasnt online.

i hope you didnt face the same problems in future as you looks very happy for other sickness than maybe giving support or telling other what wrong and other suggestions. but, thank you for replying this post.

have a good day :heartbeat:

i offer anything, literally anything. and for the nsfw is like probably harming my self. idk
i was too innocent about those word

oh thank you for your informations. is there any other way to contact beside twitter?

i thought the nsfw is like falling in mud

You should probably research terms you don’t understand. When you offer NSFW with “no exceptional” (which I assume means ‘no exceptions’), you are literally offering everything that NSFW refers to.

falling in mud

This is just absurd.

Wow, @shinefactory are you really shocked & confused? :woozy_face: I mean you’re offering NSFW content. Fiverr is definitely not the right platform, if you want to show off your goodies or offer rated-X content. Looking at the screenie @maitasun shared, your rates were dirt cheap, too. Why give it all away for just :peanuts: peanuts?! A good practice is to always read a website TOS.


what does the nsfw really means in your mind? i really dont get the idea of it

I can’t type what I’m referring to exactly. Let’s just say… 18+ content. You should be able to figure it out.

And that’s not just in my mind. That’s usually what people mean when they call something NSFW.

yes i am…
noo, i didnt meant to share any abusive contents with those… but yeah my bad i know. should do some research at first before take some actions

oh i just take a look at the link…
i was only asking my friend what is nsfw… and not doing research.

thank you…
and will fiveer allow me to create other account if i said that i wont make the nsfw?.

I’m curious what were you offering exactly? Provocative images, adult cam shows, etc?

i thought the nsfw is like falling in mud, or anything that could haarm my self

Is what they claim they thought it meant.

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She forgot her previous reply. :grimacing: :sweat_smile: