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Account disabled without warning

No idea. You could try, I guess.

the latest past order is making video of my inside mouth. showing the troath…

anything in my mind was not 18+ :frowning:

thank you, i’ll try the address

So what does “literally anything” mean to you? You ‘literally’ had no exceptions in the package title.

anything but my mind didnt processed that it could means including that 18+ with the nsfw really means

Very Interesting, :astonished: so you were offering fetish content. 5r will not allow this kind of content on their platform. Keep in mind whatever you reveal in a video/webcam/photos can be shared and end up in the wrong places.

This is disturbing and concerns me. :point_down:t4:



he said it was for his school project… i didnt meant that would be a fetish

Meh, it wasn’t for a school project, it was a perv with a fetish. Don’t be too trusting there are people in the world preying on the weak. If you want to earn extra bucks on the net. I’m sure you have other talents you can offer? Like, play the piano, :guitar:, sketch, sing, draw, paint :paintbrush:, doodle, anything other than NSFW stuff.

school project

This just keeps getting better and better.


Anything related to helping with school or adult stuff is pretty much not allowed on Fiverr. For adult stuff there’s dedicated sites out there where “cam girls” and guys become millionaires. So you better leave Fiverr marketplace for other, less profitable topics! :smile: