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Account Disabled

Support keep denying my tickets :slight_smile: who can i talk to other than support… i have 40 5 star reviews… they saying my account is disable due to reports

There is no one to talk to except Customer Support. The most typical reasons for having tickets denied fall into narrow categories. Sending more than one ticket on the same issue instead of waiting several days is considered spam and can get you denied. Being rude or abusive in your messages can get you denied. Attempting to give fraudulent information can get you denied. Not much else will usually do it.

Regardless of the reason, the best thing you can do for yourself right now is to wait. Wait at least a week and for the best chance I would go longer than that. 3 weeks would be better. After that wait period, send one single ticket and be very clear, professional and polite. Tell Customer Support exactly what problem you are having and ask very nicely if they can help you.

Then wait as long as it takes for them to respond. Get the ticket number and if you haven’t heard back in a week, go to the support Facebook or Twitter page and ask nicely if they could respond. I know all that sounds like a lot and it’s slow, but whatever you did to get into trouble in the first place (even if accidental) got you off to a bad start. Only you can repair it if you want your account to be usable.