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Account dissabled?

Cannot login anymore on my account

3 friends yesterday bought some stuff at my place then everything worked just fine. 3 orders

Now I want to log in and I get the message that my account is not active anymore

I had money and order and files on my account why have you done that way !!

Explain it please get out why I can not log in and change it back …

Is it because of friends have buyed this on my home IP adres?

Your account has been reviewed by our Trust & Safety team.

We’ve received several complaints regarding the performance of your services on Fiverr. After further review of your previous order and account history, your account has been disabled.

This is pure scam!

I have only sold 3 gigs to my friends and the all like what the where getting all have posted 5 star feedback!

But i only had 3 buyers and there where my friends and there where all happy and give me a 5 star feedback.

I have contacted them but the dont seem to care