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Account Flagged for Asking someone NOT to violate TOS

What gives! I am literally letting someone who contacted me know that I don’t want to communicate outside of fiverr because it’s a TOS violation and then I get flagged for that? Seriously!

So, that being said, does anyone have any remedies or suggestions to handle this appropriately? I reported all communication that was sent to me pertaining to working outside of Fiverr then finally blocked the individual after a few more similar messages

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When you use the phrase, “outside of Fiverr” your message is automatically reviewed. I doubt you will get a warning as it appears you did nothing wrong. Going forward try not to use that phrase. I say something like all business must be conducted on the Fiverr platform.


I really hope that it doesn’t mess with my account. There were several more messages from this user after the fact of the above screen shot requesting a DM on Instagram :frowning:

I think I’m lucky


Literally just now checked my message where it was flagged a while ago and it now has that check mark beside it saying it was reviewed and they’ve decided to approve it… phew Got another problem though, there’s no option to block the user where I went back to check it…Does that mean they already may have been blocked or locked down?

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It won’t. They just pause the message until they can verify if you are scamming or not.

It looks like they did flag it but then came back and everything is ok on my end. This happened to me several more times since the original post so I just handled it in the same way with the same sort of statement I used before.

I’ve had so many messages flagged over the years, I learned how to phrase things in a certain way so that they don’t get flagged by trial and error. I had to start writing “voice mail” instead of “voicemail” because even though I offer voicemail greeting recordings as a service, “voicemail” is one of the words that will get your message flagged for approval. :crazy_face:

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I proofread and buyers send me e-mails to proof. I have to call them electronic mail not to get my message flagged.