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Account flagged for delivery

My account was flagged for using the delivery button. I am sure I have not abused the delivery button and I am sure which buyer flagged. All my recent orders were completed with 5 star reviews and tips. Can a buyer flag delivery of a already rated order? Recently had an old buyer who give me a lot of orders in the past and had one completed recently with success and tip came back with some minor text updates to the website I designed for him. He mentioned that all these changes were already mentioned in the past but I didn’t address them to which I politely agreed to do the changes but mentioned that this content was not there previously and hence the contents he gave me earlier probably had the issue. He suddenly became very angry at this and threatened me to change the review on the order. To which I again politely replied that I have already agreed to do the job but just wanted to point out it was not my fault. He them again threatened me with dire consequences and asked me not to do the changes.

Now I am almost sure he flagged the last delivery to teach me a lesson for speaking out in my defence. I have contacted the CS asking for details on which delivery was flagged. If the above mentioned person did it do you think I can send screenshots of our conversation where he threatened me to them and also that I agree to do the job? Will this help in removing the warning? I don’t want to have a warning for something I didn’t do. Also is it possible to flag a delivery after it was accepted and reviewed?

Hoping to hear from the experts and also giving some tips on how I can remove the warning?



Fiverr is that one place, in which we do not point out the mistakes of the buyers as they never like them.

since you already said that you was doing the job at no extra cost why point on the regular buyer for that.

until you get a warning about the flag there will be no isses, just send a message to C.S will all the details in just one message so that you don’t have to go back and forth for the same.

Well I had no idea my order would be flagged for pointing out mistakes. I really don’t agree that pointing out mistakes make all buyers angry. Besides I just mentioned it very politely. Also when the delivery was flagged it leads to a warning and since it didn’t mention which delivery was flagged I was unable to send details to the CS. Just messaged them asking for details on which order was flagged so I can defend myself. I have extreme faith in the Fiverr CS. Till date they have solved every issue successfully and to my satisfaction.

It’s always possible to submit a ticket to CS and complain about anything, and that includes complaining that the delivered order was actually incomplete.

Well in that case it’s very easy to harass any seller by flagging his delivery and get him a warning just to teach a lesson it seems. With each warning you fiverr lifeline is gone one by one.

False complaints can be punishable, too, if you can prove that they were false.

I think you should contact fiverr C.S . They will help you if you are right

Yes I have already contracted the customer support and waiting to hear from them.

Yes I can prove the order was delivered as per the specifications. The document the client sent mentions all pages needed and the delivery has all those pages including source files.

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What??? Is this a thing?

Just send screenshot to customer service and they will make it right. From some of the comments it make seams like sellers are robots and that we don’t have rights. Just write to CS they will help you.

Well yes. I have never had warning ever in my 4 years here and I take great care but I think I never came across anyone who wanted to cause such a harm. But it seems anyone can flag a delivery even after it was delivered with 5 star and a tip. I was very happy with my Fiverr career but after this thing I am feeling a bit nervous. I felt fiverr was a good source of regular income and decided to quit other options and work full time here. I think I need to find out other options as well because 2 more people like this ( in case the current warning is not removed) and will I have no source of income.

I have already contacted CS asking for more details because the warning message does not mention which order was flagged. So I need to confirm and then send relevant screenshots.