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Account flagged in error; Fiverr won't discuss it

This morning, I received a notification that Fiverr had flagged my account “for using the delivery button to send incomplete, partial, or an empty delivery.” They also threatened to ban me if I repeat the alleged violation.

This didn’t happen. There were no incomplete, partial, or empty deliveries.

When I wrote to Fiverr CS to point this out, I received some boilerplate which simply repeated the false claim, without support. When I wrote again, I got a rather nasty message claiming that “The warning is legitimate and will remain” while also explicitly refusing to provide any support for the false claim. They won’t even say what delivery they’re talking about.

So, what’s going on with this allegation? Would one of my clients file a bogus complaint? I can’t think why. The only recent thing that’s been even slightly odd was a client sending me the wrong file and then having to place a new order with the right file. That was a shame, but I have no reason to think he made a misleading complaint about his own mistake. Nothing else lately has been even slightly out of the ordinary.

I had a client a couple of months ago who left mediocre ratings and didn’t say why. I guess she was unsatisfied, but I can’t think why she’d pop back up later with a false complaint.

Further back in the past, I’ve done a “empty deliveries” for clients who preferred me to deliver some other way (e.g., Google Docs). This was always the client’s choice, so there would be no reason for them to complain, and none of these clients were recent.

I have no idea what Fiverr’s talking about, and they refuse to say.

Despite my innocence, it appears that I am now living on the edge. I can be banned at any time, out of the blue. I can’t repeat something I haven’t done, but since I don’t have to do it to be blamed for it, a “second violation” could pop up out of nowhere. After years of earning money for Fiverr, I’ve been put on permanent probation based on either a glitch or a false claim. They won’t allow any appeal.

Do I have any recourse? I don’t like the idea of writing to clients to ask them if they’ve been in contact with Fiverr. It’s unprofessional and weird.

Barring that, the only thing I can think of is to retain a lawyer. That might get Fiverr to have a real conversation with facts, but is it worth it?

It might be best to leave. I’m well-established here, but the bogus flag may well mean that I’ll no longer get the search results placement I’ve earned.

What would you do, if it happened to you?


When it asks you “are you happy with this delivery and want to accept it?”, if you say no (eg. you want a revision), it shows these options (according to a Fiverr video):

“I still need revisions”, “I received a partial delivery”, “I’m dissatisfied with the quality”, “I didn’t receive anything”.

So they could have selected something like “partial delivery” or “I didn’t receive anything” when asking for a revision (assuming they didn’t contact the support centre instead).

I don’t know whether it might be worth sending proof to CS or whether it’s best to leave it. But if it’s probably one of the recent orders you could eg. provide evidence that every delivery within the last 14 days (edit: or maybe more if you think it’s best) or so was complete (not partial or empty). eg. screenshots or maybe some document eg. .pdf. that you could attatch to the support ticket.

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There is a button buyers can press to say that an order was only partially delivered. Was there anything that stood out as strange about your recent deliveries?

How long ago was this?

In any case, this is pathetic:

This attitude really needs to change. There has also been a spate of forum users receiving similar CS responses recently. Maybe there is a new hire with a bit of an attitude. :thinking:


Thanks for the suggestion. I might try that. It wouldn’t take long to put a package together, maybe an hour or so.

I really shouldn’t be required to prove innocence of all possible crimes. Part of the problem here is that Fiverr won’t even say what the accusation is. The right to face one’s accuser and the right to defend oneself from specific charges are pretty basic parts of jurisprudence.


That one unusual order was recent, during February. He came right back with a new order, so I know he wasn’t unhappy with me. Perhaps he clicked something in error, though.

Yeah, the attitude is pretty bad. I’m sorry to hear that others are having experiences like this. I haven’t contacted them in quite a while. A couple of years ago, we could count on CS being polite and friendly as long as we were the same.


It still should have been delivered the usual way as well as the other way. No one here knows the reason but that would be enough to do it.

My suggestion is to try to put it behind you as soon as possible and carry on.

There isn’t any way to deliver a Google Doc in the usual way. It’s hosted on Google’s site, so I edit it on their site, and I don’t have a local copy to deliver.

None of these was even this year, so I really doubt that’s it. However, since they won’t say what their problem is, it’s hard to tell.

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I understand but… what did you deliver with the delivery button? Anything? Maybe fiverr does not understand. Maybe inquire how you should deliver that when you can’t use the delivery button for it.

I don’t recall what I sent with the delivery button. Thanks for the advice.

If they would tell me their complaint, I might try asking what else I can do. I have no idea what they’re upset about, though. It’s a mystery.

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Well I can’t help but laugh sorry about not using the delivery button. That’s kind of required. I suggest finding some way to use it for all deliveries.

I would ask how you can use the delivery button with your type of files. Maybe it’s enough to just send a link to the files but I’m not sure.

What? What makes you think I didn’t use it? I did.

I just got the impression that it might be that is the problem but I can’t tell.

Google Docs can be downloaded though, no? File, Download, and then whatever the document is… then you’d have a physical copy on your system, that you could ‘deliver’ to the client using the delivery button (perhaps with a note saying something along the lines of you having to send physical proof of your work, but the client also has the Drive document available)?

Or am I missing something?


Well, I might, if that is what they’re on about. Since they won’t say what their problem is, I see no way to work around it.

UPDATE: The original rude guy has escalated my ticket to someone else. The new guy says this:

Please bear in mind that each delivery message has to include 100% of the delivery. Even if the work was delivered previously, a delivery will officially be considered an empty/incomplete if the delivery message does not contain actual work.

However, he still won’t say when I allegedly did that. The only time that has ever happened was with the Google Docs guy, and it’s absurd to think that he popped back up a year later to complain about something he requested.

Then again, the entire situation is absurd, or at least absurdist.

I assume a link to the work done in the delivery box could have been okay too. eg. a link to the google doc. Though as was said above, exporting it and attaching it would have been safer (you could have done both, attached a copy and provided the link to it in the delivery box), if it was for that (probably unlikely if it was a long time ago). It was probably for something a lot more recent like in the last couple of weeks.

Fiverr allows deliveries to be sent without an attachment, but warns when you press to send and asks for confirmation, so I assume they must be okay with it as long as the work is linked to in the delivery text box if it’s not attached (eg. for if it’s too big for attaching or otherwise can’t be attached).

Also there have been times where people have had attachments go missing after attaching them and pressing to deliver to due a bug. Waiting a few seconds after uploading attachments before pressing to deliver might reduce the chance they’d go missing.

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The client is the king here buddy. That’s what happens, they even take their money back from paypal. Sometimes a review by mistake.

some rules are horrible, yet you got to stick to it.

Nothing to do

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I lost my level 2 for bad client mistakes. not mine clearly.

One of this month’s clients left a generous tip, and the other came right back with a new order (which I’m currently doing). It’s hard to be sure when Fiverr won’t tell me anything, but I have no reason to believe either client was dissatisfied in any way.

I’ve been put on permanent probation for secret reasons.

Sorry about your Paypal crap – a fraudulent chargeback, I suppose? That one has never happened to me, but I’ve heard stories.

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Maybe it was that bug that used to happen where your delivery work disappeared. You could go back and check your orders to make sure it’s still there on them all.

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