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Account Forgotten

I forgot my previous account of fiverr (gmail and password both). Is there a procedure, that I can make another account without being banned by fiverr? I am using same pc and can not use another pc.

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Step :one: Start :running_man:t4: jogging your memory, instead of starting over from scratch.

(Creating multiple accounts goes against :x: TOS)

Step :two: Read the TOS.



If I was you, I’d contact customer service via email to ask. If you can remember your old username and what gigs you created, you can also ask that CS remove this account. This would indicate that you are being sincere.


I was missing your pineapple, Nika. I love it! :wink:


You made one new account already by which you logged in to the forum. Are you thinking of creating another one?


And with that “another one”, would be three… :grimacing: :confounded:


you can’t make multiple accounts…try to remember it the best you can.

Oooh, there’s plenty more where that came from. :pineapple::tropical_drink: :yum:

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Fiverr should introduce an International Nika Day. Everyone on the forum would have to end their posts with a pineapple.

Some have taken your lead, Nika, and do this anyway. But the late adopters like @Maitasun and me would have to bust out our pineapples for 24 hours.

@rana_mashood, let us know how you get on with this issue.

Good luck. :pineapple:


No, I am not trying to make another account. But I am asking

Some steps you could take. Since you remember it was a gmail account, try and list down all the gmail accounts you have. Then try and recover your gmail accounts using your phone number, if you tell gmail you do not remember you gmail account but have a number that you might have used, they will send you a list of all accounts linked to that number. After you have your list of accounts go to fiverr and click on forgot password, enter your email addresses and hope it was one of them.