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Account go restricted! Please Help

I am a Newbie here and just completed 6 orders.
I got first warning when I recently went through a successful seller on my category and asked him to advise to improve my gigs in chat.
I assume this is the reason i got the warning for.

and yesterday I got a second warning too. but this time i have made sure not to do the previous mistake after i got the first warning. I chat with buyers who places orders only and i am being very careful to not hurt the buyers. But Anyway i got another warning yesterday and my account got temporarily restricted!

I reported this to fiverr support as well. but as of my experience last time they took around 15 days to resolve a dispute. so i am very upset that i have to wait around two weeks to clear this.
Please hel me


Check this out: Don't do it! .... You Have Been Warned!

You will just have to wait for the reply from Customer Support.

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