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Account got disabled due to account activity

I have been working on this platform for the past 5 years. I recently got this message “Your account has been disabled”. We reviewed and determined that your account activity violates our TOS and Policies.

I could not believe and could not understand this and i lost a lot of money and clients. Can someone please guide me on this ?


it’s really very sad ur account is disabled, but I have not much idea about this I hope someone may help u

This is very sad. You can contact Fiverr CS for this issue.

They wrote at the end of that email … “Please don’t contact our Customer Support for this.”

No one has this issue ever ?

What type of services were you providing? Did you make sure to follow the ToS?

Document editing services … and it was active for the past 2 years.

Is there any reason a buyer could have reported you? Or did you maybe edit something (like academical work, papers etc.) That fiverr seems to dislike lately? That’s the only reason I can think about really.

I was reported once few months back they gave me warning and close the gig. So, i made a new gig and now it was fine. I have all things on 5 and 100%. Nothing unusual and suddenly i couldn’t log in and got that email blocking my complete account.

I’d assume that if you contact customer service then they’d be more than happy to help. Hope you get it sorted.

I hope so … but i am a little afraid, they mentioned not to contact CS … i don’t know why

What were you reported for exactly?
Did you make the exact same gig as the one that was closed down?

Actually someone sent me his personal docs … i checked but wasn’t sure about doing it so i didn’t replied to him. It was late so i slept, i thought i could figure it out in the morning … but he reported me. The new gig was different in title and description

I don’t see an issue if you didn’t do anything (or maybe even said that sharing x and y is against the ToS). I’m really not sure why your gig would get shut down for that (and also not replying at all isn’t such a bad thing either). Is it possible that your gig could be interpreted as something that fiverr doesn’t allow?

I basically edit documents … there can many personal or business documents … I don’t know which one is against their TOS … but having said that … why it was online for the past 2 years ?

Academic work for one is against ToS. (But I’m not saying you did that). Fiverr doesn’t really check every single gig that goes online so maybe yours was reported just now. Did you ever maybe deliver without sending in the entire project? (Many people seem to do that to win some extra time).

No, i didn’t any of it. Yes there were some documents that can come under TOS rules but if that is the case then why the gig was live in the first place and ran for 2 years.

From what I’ve gathered, recently fiverr has gotten strict about that and they are cracking down on gigs that provide any help with schoolwork (which makes a lot of sense. Honestly.) Even if it wasn’t clearly mentioned in your gig but you did provide it as a service they might have noticed you (say, someone reported you or in a review it was mentioned that you worked on a paper / something like that.
It was on for two years because the system has gotten stricter since then. Or you were lucky until now.

What can i say? CS never tell what was the exact issue … they just say TOS violation and blocked it completely … all pending funds seized.

That’s odd that they never clarified it though - I suppose it was really providing something you weren’t supposed to then. I’m sorry about it - the way they handle stuff does some a bit rough but I guess rules are rules.
(I do believe that the funds will be released to you at some point though.)