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Account got dissabled

On my first warning. The funny bit is that support directs you to contact them through the help center, which is not possible as the account immediately gets disabled. Is it possible to get a disabled account back? Anyone did it? Anyone know similar sites?

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There were a few people who got their disabled accounts back, but I think that they were all disabled by mistake. You can try contacting support at

What was the warning for, repeatedly trying to create gigs for paid reviews? Fiverr is very serious about those.

Mentioning Fiverr competitors on the forum would be against the forum rules (and common sense, since Fiverr is unlikely to want anyone to advertise their competitors on their own forum).

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I’m sorry to hear about it.

You can try Googling “fiverr competitors”, “fiverr alternative”, “freelance websites” and similar terms, if you wish to try some other platform out.