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Account Hacked - change your passwords


My account has been hacked and fiverr have not got back to my urgent support request.

2 orders have gone through that I did not authorise, and in fact, know nothing about. How can I escalate this issue as fiverr themselves have demonstrated nothing to suggest they care?


Hello, sorry to hear that.
You can update the ticket you sent and ask them to escalate it. You could send a direct mail to too, what isn´t recommended is to send several tickets for the same issue as the system might see it as spam, but to update the ticket you already sent.
There have been some technical issues last night, so they might need a bit longer ATM to reply, their ticket queue might be long.


OMG, sorry to hear that. Your case is very similar case to this one.


Thanks miiila - I respect you getting back to me - do you work for fiverr?

This is an urgent issue by any measure… I’m worried my payment details have been stolen. I cannot escalate any further - this isn’t trivial. Response has been non-existent.


No, sorry, I´m just a seller, and sometimes buyer, no staff. I hope you´ll get a reply quickly,
My website host (big company) had been hacked some time ago and customer data (name, address, payment info) was compromised, so I can imagine how you feel. Nothing happened, though. :slight_smile:

If you had PayPal as payment information, you should be able to see any charges pretty soon I think, if you had a credit card/bank account attached, I´d inform the bank, so they can monitor for unusual seeming transactions, maybe tell them to only authorise (whatever usual payments you have) and to ask you for everything else, I think banks do that.


ALAS! :cry: Are you got any fack mail from someone?


I would change your password and email immediately.

Hopefully support can help.

Theft by a seller

His account is no longer exist. I think he´s terrified.


I believe he will still have access tot he forums.


@thecreativeguys How come?


I don’t think your forum account get’s blocked if you terminate your account.


@thecreativeguys Kk, I thought you would lose all connection if you close your account. But that´s scary if not completely disconnected. That means your 5r account can still be hacked?


Anything is possible these days… These technologies perform as a good or a bad in their senarios. So hacking someone Account isn’t difficult. I was actually a white hat hacker. That’s how i know. I am not spreading any fear… it’s a true fact.


@fitrigwrites4u I remember another forum poster explaining that his Fiverr account was terminated but he still had access to the forums.


Kk. So it´s a separate account, eh…between forum and the business


Good question. I went through the forum settings, either there isn´t a close/delete option there or I didn´t find it. The forum runs on discourse software, maybe one has to somehow delete one´s account over discourse if one wants to, in case it´s even possible at all.

I looked it up, it seems one can´t delete one´s own account, only forum Mods or Admins can do that.


Hi Everyone. We are reviewing every hacked account report to make sure everything is handled correctly. Please contact support if you ever come across something like this. We take your account security very seriously.


@fitrigwrites4u this is from @offlinehelpers

If the user has previously joined the forum, yes they do remain a forum user, even if their Fiverr account has gone.


Good search there. Thank you for the information! @miiila


Yes, @miiila has explained that too to me. Thanks.