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Account hacked - Hacker changed all data

Few days ago, my closed friend’s account got compromised I don’t know how, after completing his 400th delivery.
Account had around $100+ funds which is probably withdrawn by now by the hacker. This hacker is logging in from Russia it seems.

The hacker, change his password, email and mobile number and even the payout details.

But fortunately, he can access the account from his google account linked to it. But with this access, he can’t change the email, the password or even his mobile number.

Please advise what to you would do in this case.

The situation is not very clear, but your friend definitely should contact CS in this case

The hacker got access to his and changed his password, email and mobile number and even the payout details

He can now only access the account through the gmail linked to his account. But can’t changes email, pass abd mobile number

But it can’t be changed without sms verification or email verification - he needs the access to phone or email. Looks really strange

Yeah… Exactly. May be his email was compromised?
Then how did the hacker got access to his mobile for OTP verification is a concern which he himself doesn’t know

Regardless of how this happened, your friend should definitely contact CS for assistance, as they’re going to be the only ones who can assist them in this case. I would also advise that your friend changes all of their passwords with any accounts associated with the e-mail they used for Fiverr, including the e-mail itself, just to be on the safe side. I wouldn’t be surprised if whoever breached his account did so by using their e-mail, so it is likely they have access to that as well.

How to contact fiverr?
Because you can only contact them when you are logged in