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Account Hacked, please be careful

Hello fiverrers, My account was hacked by somebody. Today i have got a notification from a fiverr seller saying that how can i help you. When i checked my inbox i came to know that somebody logged into my account and sent message to a fiverr seller asking some help to send a custom offer for a logo creation for $325, at the same time when i checked my balance it was $325. So the hacker trying to transfer the balance to another sellers account with story and transfer the fund later to his/her account. Because they may fail to transfer the money to their bank account, i have changed the password immediately and withdrawn my balance to my bank account, also reported to support team. So guys please be careful, here i am attaching some screenshots of conversation done by the hacker (immitating me) with some fiverr sellers

[Screen shots removed by Moderator. Screen shots may not show usernames of other buyers or sellers.]

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:anguished: Sorry about that

Blur out the seller name in those screenshots.
You did the right thing by notifying Customer Support.

that’s terrible, i heard of somethingsimilar happening to one of my buyers in the past and I’ve noticed some strange activity on my acc a few months ago, thankfuly, it never came down to anything, but it’s worth keeping an eye out for things like this. Thanks for the heads up! if it’s happening to buyers, it can very well happen to the rest of us too.

I think the Fiverr Staff should bring two-factor authentication to get in front of issues like these. It shouldn’t be that hard to implement I think

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