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Account hacking issue

Hi.i am anny.some one have hacked my friends fiverr account it was level 2 account and was working on fiverr from 4 years and in the account there are about 5000$.hacked have hacked the email that was attached with fiverr fried have tried to contact with fiverr but fiverr is not giving him any reply or any way how to get the account back.the account was locked but it its about 4 days now but fiverr is not giving any reply or any way to give him his account back.please help us.
he is sending massages from different emails but did not get any reply or any update?even he could not now that the fiverr is working on our problem or not.!


If does not respond.
Forum can not do anything.
Forum members can not take decisions beyond

Contact with customer Supports.

Only fiverr support can help you try to contact with fiverr they will reply soon

we have tried hundred times to contact with customer support but they are not replying from 5 days.
on forum i was wanting if someone give me any way to contact with fiverr directly

Don’t know even how Fiverr will respond to the hacking issue. You can try asking help on behalf of your friend.

Your friend needs to take care of this with customer support. They would never discuss it with someone else.

From what I could understand, I don’t think the account was hacked, I think the account was disabled.

Just what I could understand from the post. If he has been blocked, there should be an email telling him why he was blocked. Maybe that’s why CS is not responding to his emails anymore.

My opinion!

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