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Account has been Restricted due to Identity verify


My account has been restricted due to submit NID copy and photo multiple time. I have taken good quality photos but it’s always notify not accept, when i tried 3rd time my account has been restricted.

I have open a support ticket but don’t know what will be result. Is there anyone experienced who can suggest me how to solve this problem?



This seems to be happening a Lot here. Their ID verification system is not working properly. Support will give you one last attempt to verify and If you fail your account will be permanently restricted.


but last attempt ? I have real and good quality photos but system not working what should i will do? Is it my lacks ?

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I couldn’t verify mine, so I don’t know. But there is a limited number of attempts. Sellers have been banned because of this already Account Disable because ID Verify


My god!! i am very afraid. Way?

Hi, my account was restricted due to id verification. I had uploaded good quality selfie and national id card only to get my account restricted by them. I had worked my ass up to achieve this and now restricted. What I am gonna do, this is frustrating.

Check this thread …

Hope it will help you

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