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Account help - two accounts associated with one email with no password

Hello, new user here.
I made an account for Fiverr, bought a service, logged out. I logged in with google again and it made a new account so I have two accounts associated with the one email so I cannot review my order for my first account. My first accounts username is Jacksonbeers and my second is the one I’m using now.

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Cannot use two fiverr accounts for one person . Delete one account :relieved:

Check the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works. You are only allowed one account.

Keeping two accounts totally breaks the Fiverr Terms. You can keep only one Fiverr account.

He didn’t make two accounts on purpose. This is a bug report for a reason (though I’m suspecting it’s not a bug but someone didn’t quite think the ‘log in with Google/FB’ through or else should have ‘labeled’ the option better).

OP, just contact support, and explain what happened, they’ll help you and detach your 2nd involuntary account from your Gmail to close it.
You need to click yourself through Help/Support > Buyer Help Center > Contact Us, then you can send a ticket. Or if you have trouble with that because of that 2 accounts accident, you can try sending a direct mail at