Account in the Well



i am working on Fiverr from last 4 to 5 years and i have made good impression to the clients and earn much money. everything was fine. But from the 2018 My account is going down and now this is just like bin for me. Because i have tried everything to stand out my channel again, i have updated gig descriptions,images, tags, keywords, social media promotion, i have done all. But still there is not impressions, clicks, views, orders NOTHING.

Please help me out. Fiverr is my only earning source. i have family and bills to paid. I have done all the necessary changes to the account. Can you Please let me know where is the issue with my account. why i am not getting any order. Can anyone please take a look into my account and gigs.

Looking Forward to your kind response.
Hope i can make money again on Fiverr.

warm regards !
Sanmeet Singh


I checked your gigs and your reviews… I have lots of comments but I won’t be able to post them here.

If you really want to know, read your negative feedback from your previous customers.

Good luck,


The feedback from your negative reviews generally speaks to language barriers, a lack of professionalism and a lack of quality in your deliveries. Your replies to your negative feedback could also be better.

I am assuming that with 200+ ratings, you were once a Level 2 Seller, which means that you have since been demoted twice. My recommendation is that you take all this to heart before starting with Fiverr again.

Good luck to you.


Hello Sanmeet! :slightly_smiling_face:

To be honest, I wouldn’t worry about the few negatives you’ve had - they’re all over a year old, and there’s nothing much you can do about them now, so look to the future, not back at the past! :wink:

You’ve got some great feedbacks and some lovely designs. :purple_heart:

You say you’ve tried social media promotion - your designs would be great as videos (YT has a slideshow tool), I can also tell you that logo designs go down really well on Pinterest, as other business users love to see others’ designs that they can use for inspiration when they need a new logo. There are other platforms which work well for images - I’m sure you know of more of these than I do!

Hope this helps! :sunny:


Wow that was a bit harsh don’t you think?

@sanmeet I am sorry to hear about your struggles. I just looked at your profile. There are def. some things you could do to improve things. For example if I buy a photoshop gig I want to see the before and after. Your main gig image doesn’t reflect that. Can you add a few more samples?

I would change your tagline “Just inbox what you need” to something more catchy and positive. You logo gig has a nice positive line I am sure you can come up with something :wink:

I would also rework your introduction. I am certified Graphic Designer & Video Editor. Drop me message and let me know what is your requirement…) You have a few mistakes in it. Make it more inviting, this is were you want to sell yourself and invite clients to go through your gigs.

I love your logos. You are very talented. Good luck and happy selling.


Thanks for checking my Profile. I would love to hear your words. if you can just let me know the main points for me.


Thanks for checking my Profile, Yeah that’s true i am demoted twice. there are some issues with buyers. we can say its my bad time. But can you please suggest now how i can stand out again ?
because i have tried everything on my end. may be i am missing something.


Thanks for checking my Profile. Thank you so much to motivated me. I like your idea of Pinterest. i will def. do experiment on this platform. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much mate for checking my profile. Your suggestions are accepted. i will def. do the changes in my profile. and yes its very hurts when you demoted from Level 2 to Beginner.


Hello Sanmeet,

I had a look to your Gigs keeping particular attention to one of your two logo design Gigs (I will create unique professional logo design).

To avoid quality or delivery problems I would raise the delivery time to 3-4 days and limit the number of revisions to a finite number, from one to three.

As a buyer I would like a higher number of initial concepts: at least two, ideally three.
Nothing extremely refined but what is enough to have an idea.
Also, I would like to have the source file and the vector file.

This is my way to say that the Basic package seems too basic.
Given its low price, it could also attract problematic buyers.

You could “shift” the prices a bit: setting for example, $25, $50, $75.
If I were you I would publish in the gallery only my best deliveries.

Best of luck.