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Account is blocked

I don’t understand why my account has been blocked has anyone else ever had experience of this. I have worked so hard of fiverr and always delivering my work well before time. Every now and then they tell me that an order has not been completed, but if it is not in my list then I cant complete it and now they are telling me that this is the third time and is a violation. I dont understand this it doesnt make sense.

Did you always add an attachment in the delivery section when you clicked on “deliver now” and put something in the “deliver now” text box? Did you ever get email warnings like about an order going late?

Maybe you could contact support and show them screenshots of your various order tabs to show them and maybe ask for clarification. eg. are they saying you didn’t deliver an order at all (in which case you should have had “late” messages or maybe an automated “cancelled - seller didn’t deliver in time” type review message) or that you clicked on “deliver now” without attaching an appropriate work document?

You could ask them if you can create a new account if they won’t re-enable your current account.

Thank you this is very helpful I have contacted them it might be an order was delivered without the attachment by accident.

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If you have a screenshot of the exact warning, it may help people to decipher what the issue might have been.

The Fiverr system gives you a warning if you try to deliver without an attachment. It would be very hard to “accidentally” deliver without an attachment.

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This is a good point.