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Account is currently restricted and under review

I get a second warning for breaking the rules , I know this is wrong but this time the buyer was using the terms which are against the rules. I WANT TO KNOW THAT IS THERE ANYONE WHO GET HIS ACCOUNT BACK AFTER THE ACCOUNT IS RESTRICTED AND UNDER REVIEW and any idea about how many days it will take to review my account ?

Please help me

You are asking the wrong people and I must say seem to think that you deserve your account back. This is probably the sort of thinking that got you in trouble not once but twice.

I note you don’t say why you got warned. You try to say it was the customer’s fault alone. If that were totally true (as in buyer did wrong thing and you made it clear that you would not go along) you would probably not be under review.

Right now that is out of your hands in some ways and totally in your hands in others. You can help yourself by recognizing that you did something silly & wrong that broke the agreements you made when you came here (and every time you come here). More importantly, you need to really know in yourself that this was not honorable and commit to becoming a better person, not just in word but in deed every day. Maybe after you can do that openly with yourself, you can find a path forward.

I do hope you can find your right path. The answer I just gave in this thread may be very helpful for you too: I am a New-seller in Fiverr so that i am confused - Welcome / Fiverr FAQ - Fiverr Community Forum


what exactly happened ?

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