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Account is currently restricted - help!

Hello there,
I am new to fiverr, I made few gigs two months ago, I fortunately got 4 orders till now in different time, but my account is unavailable, i was making a new gig, when i publish that gig i got notification given below.

And after that i was warned by fiverr with the notification given below.

and suddenly all my gigs are denied have a look at screenshot.

And i am also unable to text my clients and my profile is not live.

I am confused my account is permanently blocked or fiverr will renew my profile after few time? or is there any way to make the profile live again?

Also my payment is still in pending… If my account is blocked then, can i get pending clearance amount or I have lost it?

I know question is too lengthy, but i’m in trouble. I shall be very thankful to you.

Jazib Arain

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You need to wait until you hear from Customer Support.

Check this out:


I think it’s pretty clear, you are offering services that are not allowed on fiverr and on top of that you have duplicated gigs.

As for the payment: it’s also stated in fiverr TOS what’s going to happen with your pending money. But you didn’t read TOS at all, didn’t you? Otherwise you wouldn’t have been selling services that are not allowed and asking all this questions.

It’s very unlikely that fiverr will restore your amount after violations but it’s possible so as @lloydsolutions you need to wait even it will take 2 months or more

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do have any idea how long i should wait for?

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Thank you for the response. As I early mentioned I am new to fiverr and i didn’t know which service are allowed and which are not.
I was providing the same service as other people (my friends providing the same service) are providing in my field.

I created gig with unique content then why did they blocked my account?

And yes i didn’t read TOS, I don’t know what’s this actually. You told me there is something called TOS :smiley:

And if it might take 2 months then should i create new account? Is it safe?

All the more reason to read the information about how it all works.


where should i look for to know all about how it works? could you please suggest my by links?

No you can Google it all. You can also read the ToS.

Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

Having more than one account is strictly forbidden. All of your accounts would get permanently banned.

Your friends should have told you to read the rules.


So many gigs denied. You should have checked the reason or asked CS about that.
You didn’t paid attention and took everything for granted after the first warning.
If you create a new account, if in case this account is permanently restricted, you should read TOS regarding the services you offer. Like they told you, the services you provide are against their terms.

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Then should i wait for 2 months?? @ mariashtelle1 mentioned above it usually takes 2 months. Then what should i do for two months?

would you please describe who’s CS? and where can read TOS?

That’s never an excuse to be honest and the same with your country laws: not knowing the laws doesn’t take away the responsibility from you.

TOS is terms of service that you signed and ticked a box that you read and understood them.
It might take them less time to review or more and you can contact them to ask the details but the hope is very low to get your account back. If you are banned you are banned forever.


You agree to the Terms of Service when you sign up for Fiverr. So you agreed to them without reading them. And now you are wondering why your gigs are removed.


You should wait until you hear from the Trust & Safety team. As @lloydsolutions already told you.

Find another source of income, perhaps?

Customer Support.

If you see someone robbing a bank, it doesn’t mean that you’re allowed to rob a bank.


That could be an excuse if you have not experienced something, you tell me that you never fail or you do everything perfect while it is your first time.

thanks then I should not spending time to recover it rather get another one. And I know many people are using even two accounts. Here people are helpful but never guide properly just reply to get good reputation in forum.

Thank you for you response.

haha i’m not the only one at this planet who do not read the terms and condition :smiley: so I think it is not the big mistake that i made.

Then what about the terms and condition at this situation? Is that only for new user not for level one seller? It means they make fiverr system fool. May be they are genius than fiverr and deserve providing the same service i tried and get banned because they are really genius. I will salute them next time when i meat them.

Thanks for your reference.

Level has nothing to do with it. I remember a TRS with thousands of sales (or tens of thousands of sales?) getting banned for selling junk backlinks.

No, they just haven’t been caught yet.


it simply means the same. Because they didn’t start working yesterday, they have been working for a long time.