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Account is currently restricted - help!

I know it’s common sense for new seller to think that if t y didn’t red TOS then no one else did that.
But I was also starting at some point and yes I did read fiverr rules nd never got any warning from fiverr.

You again didn’t read what I wrote and you still didn’t read fiver TOS.
But here is again: you can not open the second account on fiverr when your first one is banned. If you are banned you are banned forever otherwise there is no point for fiverr to ban people if they can easily open a new account.

Then they will be banned sooner or later. Fiverr will catch them anyway.

We tried to guide you and tell you how fiverr works but it still seems that you don’t understand that you need to follow the rules. We are never going to tell you to trick the system with the second account or selling services that’s not allowed. But it looks like that the help you are looking for is to how to play the system.

Anyway good luck to you.


It doesn’t mean the same. It means that they will get banned once they get caught.

So you plan to break the rules again? This time not in ignorance, but on purpose?

They’re breaking the rules, and they get banned when they get caught. And then they cry on the forum that it’s not fair that they got banned.

People here often give correct answers. The fact that you don’t want to hear that you’re not allowed to break the rules doesn’t mean that the answer is wrong. Or do you really expect honest users on Fiverr’s official forum to do something as dishonest as advising you how to break the rules without getting caught?


I am asking many questions because i believe it helps. Thank you for you help and really it helped me a lot. As you previously mentioned that I am permanently blocked. You are senior and have experience then I am assuming my account is blocked. Then now what should i do? I have no account right now? What do you suggest me?

It is also a fact that people are providing the service that fiverr doesn’t allow. No I never expect honest user to guide me to break the rules, i just want you senior and honest user to guide me what to do next. And asking these question is helping and increasing my knowledge.

I have no account now. As a senior user you might help me if you like.

Start looking for a new source of income.

You can also read Fiverr’s Terms of Service very carefully, and then write to Customer Support, apologize for making mistakes, promise never to do it again, and ask for their permission to open a new account. If you do get that permission, you can try with Fiverr again, but this time, don’t offer services that aren’t allowed, and stop breaking the rules just because you saw your friends doing the same.


Yes, it is a fact, just like there are people breaking the law. But do you think that stealing or selling drugs or murder are fine just because there are people doing it?

I’ve covered that in my previous response.


yeah right… I didn’t know that I am breaking the laws. Will it help me right them a letter to open my account? and yes ofcourse this time will surely read the terms and condition.

A bundle of thanks :slight_smile:

You can try. There’s no guarantee they they will let you stay on Fiverr, either with the old account or with a new one, but you can try.

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No no, that’s not good.

Ok thanks, I will contact them requesting to unblocked my account or allow me to get another one.

I am reading it’s not a single page TOS. It takes time, either i can ask or read. And I also prefer reading and asking.

Don’t request. You broke the rules and you have zero rights to request anything. Ask politely. And if you’re not allowed to stay on Fiverr, don’t try to open a new account. Find something else to do (not related to Fiverr).

It’s in simple enough English, and when you signed up, you have confirmed that you have read and understood the ToS, and you have agreed to be bound by those terms.

And if you’re wondering why users seem annoyed when responding to you: It’s because (well, it’s one of the reasons) you want everyone to invest their own time and answer your questions, but you still haven’t invested enough of your own time to read the ToS. It seems disrespectful, as if you expect everything to be served to you on a silver platter, and can’t be bothered to put in some effort and read the rules for yourself.


OK, so this is not really answering the question being asked here, but seriously.
Looks like this post is getting a lot of views, so might as well point this out:


Sorry, but there is no excuse for not reading the rules whether you are a beginner here or not, in fact if you are a beginner, why in the world would you skip that important step??
Yes it’s a lot to read, but it is necessary.
You’re openly admitting to not reading the rules, you’re saying that “oh, but other people are doing it too,” and at one point you seem upset for not getting the response you are looking for.

Good luck with getting your account back ( or creating a new one), but be sure to do everything right and read everything.
I hate reading and I know how boring and long the TOS is, but you need to.
Be sure to grab coffee or a Red Bull, you might need it. I know I did!


Gosh, what an ignorant statement. Lots of people burn down houses. Doesn’t change the impact of what they did.

It is absurd to agree to.something without even reading it and then complain when you found out you broke the rules, which mostly are common sense anyway.

This is what gives all sellers a bad name and you shouldn’t be here if simple ethics and policy are
no biggie to you.


I’ve read the TOS at least a dozen times and keep reading them about once a month.

Unlike on some sites, fiverr expects people to know the rules and follow them or they get banned.